Best Selling Central Vacuum Systems for 2013

Typically we like to do a midyear review of the current central vacuum systems on the market, and of all the units we carry at Central Vacuum Direct. Though it’s still a bit early, we still feel like it would be a good time to take a look at the different products that had the best showing and sales for the first five months of the year! We’ve split the categories into Power Units, Attachment Sets, & Accessories below:

The Best Selling Power Unit:

So far it looks like the Canavac 700LS has been our best selling unit so far this year. This doesn’t come as a surprise to all of us at CVD, because the warranty and the price are clearly unbeatable when you put them head to head with any other major brand. Here is a link to the Canavac 700LS, our best selling unit with a 20 year warranty on all electrical parts and motor!

Canavac 700LS

Canavac 700LS Central Vacuum Unit

Others that came in a close second:
2) The Beam 375c – This unit, only available in our local market due to online sales restrictions, still is one of the best overall performing in terms of sales and suction power!

3) The Canavac 399LS – With a 15 year warranty, this unit still has enough power to clean homes up to 300 sq. ft. Those who opt for a more economical choice tend to stick with the smaller powered Canavac Units.

The Best Selling Accessories:

With Spring settling in quick, this electrostatic dust mop has been the item that’s been flying off the shelf. People are opening up the windows and doors to let the fresh air in, but unfortunately with it bring the allergens and pollen! This universal dust mop attachment is one of the best accessories on the market to clean your hardwoods and tiles.

35114-2T Dust Mop for Hardwood & Tile

The Best Selling Central Vacuum Attachment Kit:

Like the power unit, it doesn’t come as a huge surprise to the employees here at central vacuum direct that the best selling attachment kit so far this year has been the Canavac Performance Power Team. Why doesn’t this come as a surprise? The set itself comes with a lot of features, offering:

– A German made powernozzle
– 30 or 35 ft. hose for reaching all corners in the house
– 1 Electric extension wand
– 1 Steel extension wand
– A 12 inch hardwood floor brush
– Common Accessories: dusting brush, crevice tool, upholstery tool


Thanks for reading and happy cleaning!

The Central Vacuum Direct Team

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