Sweep & Groom Beam Rugmaster Ensemble Kit 2430EZ-30

The new Sweep & Groom Rugmaster Ensemble Kit 2430EZ-30 has everything you need to clean your home fast and efficiently. The Ensemble Kit features a complete tool set, Chrome wands, 30ft soft flex electric hose, and the “Sweep and Groom” Rugmaster power nozzle. This great complete attachment kit is a best buy. Trust Central Vacuum Direct for the very best products at the lowest possible prices. This set is comparable to the Beam Rugmaster set at a better price.

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Canavac XLS-970 Soft Clean Special Edition Kit

Do you have the new “Ultra Soft Carpeting” ?  Most power nozzles are not capable of cleaning this type of carpeting. Wessel Werks has developed a new power nozzle that works on all types of carpeting including the Ultra Soft Carpeting”.  Central vacuum Direct has combined the Wessel Werks Soft Clean power nozzle with the Canavac XLS970 central vacuum. The Canavac XLS-970 Kit. This great kit has everything you need to clean your home. The Canavac XLS 970 central vacuum has all the power that you would expect from Canavac. This system is capable of cleaning well over 15,000 square feet. Quiet and dependable this system will take your cleaning to a whole new  level. That’s why we have included the Wessel Werks Soft Clean power head. This amazing power nozzle helps you clean super soft carpeting more effectively than ever. Find this complete system at Central Vacuum Direct today and save.



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Ultra-Soft Carpeting has Met its Match with the New Soft-Clean by Wessel-Werk

New Kids on the Block Have Collaborated!

Soft carpeting is the newest trend in flooring; several manufacturers are now offering these products in a variety of weights and constructions. The carpet manufactures believe that soft carpet is here to stay and it will remain one of their primary products in the years to come. However, most of the soft carpets require recommended vacuums to achieve the best movement, care and maintenance. Care for this carpet has become a hot item, as both flooring and vacuum manufacturers have been challenged with identifying the best possible cleaners to use with this ultra-soft carpeting. The missing piece has been found! The Soft-Clean Powerhead by Wessel-Werk has found its marriage with ultra-soft carpeting. These two collaborating together have worked wonders by deep cleaning the new silk like fibers without breaking them or getting tangled within the powerhead brush roll.

We have found that standard vacuum powerheads have not done their job well enough lifting dirt or, worse, damaging these specialized fibers. The rollers found in standard vacuum powerheads struggle to rotate over the added piling. This problem causes it to be hard to move the powerhead over the carpet. Also, it may get caught in the powerhead brush rolls, resulting in the carpeting getting pulled out and ruined. Wessel-Werk understood the demands this new carpeting would place on vacuum powerheads and began researching and evaluating their own models at their certified test labs.soft-clean2

The Wessel-Werk Soft-Clean EBK360 was designed from start to finish with soft carpet demands in mind. The Soft-Clean Powerhead can be used with most standard central vacuum systems as well as some canister vacuum units.

No Sealed Suction – To eliminate the chance of a powerhead locking onto the dense carpet and damaging the fibers, the Soft-Clean is designed with suction release holes along the bottom of the powerhead

Brush Roll Height Adjustment – By including 5 height adjustment levels, the Soft-Clean can be raised to glide easily across the extra thick carpeting

Lightweight Body – A newly designed build makes for lighter construction. This allows the unit to be easier to push

Thanks for reading & happy cleaning!

The Central Vacuum Direct Team

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How a Vacuum System Works

A lot of homeowners have heard of a central vacuum system, but aren’t sure of how they work and the benefits they provide. At the request of a customer, we’ve decided to write about how a vacuum system works.

A whole entire system consists of three separate parts: The power unit which provides the suction, the piping which is installed within the home, and the attachment set which is used to clean the dust and debris. An important thing to note is the difference between the two available types of units. Most systems are “filtered” units in which the exhaust coming out contains no dirt or debris. These units can be mounted anywhere in the household, and do not have to be vented. The less popular type of unit is known as a “cyclonic” unit. Cyclonic systems are similar to bagless vacuums, in which they use cyclonic action to swirl the dirt and dust around. The heavier particles then fall to the bottom, and lighter particles pass through the exhaust. For this reason you need to vent cyclonic systems.

The power unit works by creating a vacuum in a sealed space, this in turn causes air to rush to fill the space and suction is created.  The unit is then connected to all of the piping which is run throughout the home (diagram below).

As you can see on the diagram above, the piping is run throughout the walls with the attachment set connected at the valves on the wall. The valves themselves resemble the profile of an electrical outlet and mesh with any design.

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What do central vacuum stores have for your home cleaning system?

Ever wonder where you can get accessories and products for your central vacuum system? If you don’t have a local brick and mortar store, the answer is probably no. Luckily, there are online outlets such as www.centralvacuumdirect.com which offer a whole selection of central vacuum parts, accessories, hoses, and everything else you would need to install.


So what type of products do companies like central vacuum direct offer? Here’s a list of the variety of packages and accessories:

–          Whole Installation Packages: The best deal that’s available, the whole installation packages save the homeowner money by bundling everything you need to install a central vacuum system at once. They include the actual power unit to provide the suction, the accessory kit, hose, pipe, fittings, glue & other miscellaneous products needed for installation.

–          Replacement Central Vacuum Units:  A central vac on average will last about 20-25 years, but some homeowners may need to eventually replace the unit. You have a wide variety of many brands available to you, so the best way to decide which unit you need is to speak to a qualified expert.

–          Attachment Kits: the attachment kit is just as important as the actual power unit itself. It is crucial that you match a strong power unit with an attachment kit that has an aggressive power nozzle. The aggressive power nozzle releases the dirt from the deepest part of the carpet, while the enhanced suction from a quality power unit sucks it away to the dust container.

–          Pipe & Fittings: If your installing a new unit in  your home, you’re going to need the pipe and fittings to properly put in the valves and connect it to the main power unit. CV pipe and fittings are a special thin wall schedule 40 pipe, which has a slick inside to allow dust and other small particles to flow through without sticking.

–          Optional Accessories: the optional accessories are the so called “bells and whistles” that you can add on to a system. These accessories typically consist pet hair brushes, stair cleaning tools, blind cleaning tools, etc. This is where a major advantage with central vacuum systems comes in, as a lot of these accessories are not available for normal vacuums.

Thanks for reading & happy cleaning!

The Central Vacuum Direct Team

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What should you expect a central vacuum system cost to be?

You’ve either started building a new home, or have a home already. Either way you’re thinking about installing a central vacuum system and wonder what the cost may be. In today’s blog for www.centralvacuumdirect.com, we’re going to go in to the proper billing of a central vacuum and what we would charge our local customers in the Chicago land area. This will give some representation of how much an estimate for your new system should be, and help clarify the components of that estimate.

First, we will break down the different components of the estimate:

1)      The Central Vacuum Unit

2)      The Attachment Set

3)      Additional Accessories

4)      Pipe & Fittings

5)      Labor

Now, what should each of these reasonably cost? This will of course depend on the size of the home, and how many inlet valves are being installed. Here, we’ll go through 3 different sized homes and what a reasonable range for a fully complete system cost should be.

Estimate #1 – Home Size: up to 2000 Sq. Ft. – 3 Valve System

  • The Central Vacuum Unit: $400-$600
  • Electric Attachment Set:    $400-$500
  • Additional Accessories       $0-$200
  • Pipe & Fittings                     $180-$270                 $60-$90/valve depending on type
  • Installation Labor                $240-$300                 $80-$100/valve

Total:                                            $1,220-$1870 + Tax

Estimate #2 – Home Size: up to 3000 sq. ft. – 5 Valve System

  • The Central Vacuum Unit: $600-$800
  • Electric Attachment Set:    $400-$500
  • Additional Accessories       $0-$200
  • Pipe & Fittings                     $300-$400                 $60-$90/valve depending on type
  • Installation Labor                $400-$500                 $80-$100/valve

Total:                                            $1,700-$2400 + Tax

Estimate #3 – Home Size: up to 5000 Sq. Ft. – 8 valve System

  • The Central Vacuum Unit: $800-$1100
  • Electric Attachment Set:    $400-$500
  • Additional Accessories       $0-$200
  • Pipe & Fittings                     $480-$720                 $60-$90/valve depending on type
  • Installation Labor                $640-$800                 $80-$100/valve

Total:                                            $2,320-$3320 + Tax

So why is there a range of prices for each of the different size homes? Well, this can be compared to the range of prices you have when purchasing a car. There are lower and higher quality central vacuum systems, with the higher priced units having better quality motors, warranties, and overall better construction. Also, it is important to note that some installers may charge higher prices for labor. This is where the “you pay for what you get” saying also comes into context. Those who know how to properly install the system so that it works for years without clogs and mishaps, will demand higher prices. Those that are new to the business and may not have this knowledge, may undercut pricing by charging lower labor. One this is for sure though, YOU DO PAY FOR WHAT YOU GET in the central vacuum installation process. If you want a system that’s going to last for 20 years with no problems, they are available.

If you have any questions feel free to contact us on our website!

Thanks for reading & happy cleaning!

The Central Vacuum Direct Team

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How to do an Affordable Central Vacuum Installation

A lot of homeowners want a central vacuum, but sometimes cannot afford the installation costs that come along with installing in an already built home.  So how can your family affordably put in a home vacuum system? The answer is to do it yourself! (However, this isn’t recommended. Those that are handy, have the correct tools, and 24-48 hours of time to dedicate to the project should be able to install it though.)

Central Vacuum Valve

Central Vacuum Installation

Steps to deciding if you can install your system:

1)      The first step in deciding whether you’ll be able to tackle this type of project is to deem whether you are capable of correctly plumbing the system. Central vacuum pipe can be a bit tricky when you’re installing it. Those who have any type of plumbing know that you need to make sure there are no crazy twists and turns, and proper flow. Without this you may run into possible clog points, or even worst you could torque the pipe which could lead to leakage after a couple of years. If you have no prior plumbing knowledge we recommend that you contact a professional. If you feel comfortable with vacuum pipe, or plumbing pipe, go on to step 2 for more information.

2)      The second step would be to see if you have the proper tools to start and finish the installation.

You will need:

  1. A high powered drill, preferably one that is plugs into a high voltage outlet. These drills have a lot more torque and will provide the power needed to drill through 2×4’s.
  2. A circular drill bit with a diameter of greater than 2 ½ inches but less than 4 inches. 3 inches works best in this scenario.
  3. A Philips and regular screwdriver.
  4. Wire cutters & wire strippers.
  5. 2 ½ inch thin wall pipe cutter or hack-saw
  6. 12 inch pilot hole drill bit
  7. A Flashlight

3)      If you have all of the proper tools, you will then want to move on to the next step of installation. Here at central vacuum direct, we have written a step by step installation tutorial to walk you through the process which you can find here.

Thanks for reading & happy cleaning!

The Central Vacuum Direct Team

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