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Ultra-Soft Carpeting has Met its Match with the New Soft-Clean by Wessel-Werk

New Kids on the Block Have Collaborated! Soft carpeting is the newest trend in flooring; several manufacturers are now offering these products in a variety of weights and constructions. The carpet manufactures believe that soft carpet is here to stay … Continue reading

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How a Vacuum System Works

A lot of homeowners have heard of a central vacuum system, but aren’t sure of how they work and the benefits they provide. At the request of a customer, we’ve decided to write about how a vacuum system works. A … Continue reading

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Canavac Coming Out With New Central Vacuum Models

Hello do-it-yourselfers and homeowners! It’s been a while since we’ve updated our blog on central vacuum systems, but now we’re back in action to bring you all the knowledge you need about these cleaning machines! Recently Canavac has announced that … Continue reading

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Piping Options for Central Vacuums (Flexible Hose, Plumbing Pipe)

Flexible Hose: Flexible Hose was the result of an attempt to standardize the industry in the 1960s, however the cons of the piping soon doomed the attempt, though industry workers still run across examples of the piping in homes from … Continue reading

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Problems That Can Creep Up On Your Central Vacuum Hose

Central vacuum hoses are lightweight and easy to use attachments that make vacuuming far more easy than is possible using a heavy, all in one push vacuum. However, even with the modular nature of central vacuums creating far more mechanical … Continue reading

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