Filter bag PN110379 replaces PN110346 for many power units built before January 2010.

If you have an Electrolux (Beam) central vacuum that was built before January 2010 and you are having problems with loss of suction or the filter bag doesn’t seem to fit right make sure you’re using the correct filter bag for your system. According to Beam, systems that were built before January 2010 will use a different filter bag because of manufacturing differences with the new units. Here is the technical bulletin dated July 6, 2012.



Gore® 11″ “Shorty”

Filterbags – Service Part Notice

Root cause

There was a slight increase in the cylinder expansion dimension

at the point of factory move from Webster City, USA to Juarez,

Mexico. With the slightly increased expansion, a similarly increased

filter-ring dimension (1/16″ increased band length ) became necessary

and this bigger ring became the standard for current production

Models and service filters. While the fit is ideal for current (2010

Onward) production, the bags are sometimes too big for pre-2010


Corrective Action:

Introduction of the second service filter bag variant (11 0380), with a

1/16″ shorter metal band cut length, provides ideal sealing in pre-2010

units. Part number 11 0347 is still to be used in many post-2010 units.

Note: Filter pull-tab seam should always be positioned on the foam

Tape for optimal seal.

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1 Response to Filter bag PN110379 replaces PN110346 for many power units built before January 2010.

  1. Dori says:

    This is Very important information. I was wondering why my filter did not fit. The website think never said a word about this when I called. I will reorder the correct filter from your company. Thank You !!!! With 6 kids and 2 large dogs we need our vacuum to have as much power as we can get.

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