Welcome to the central vacuum direct blog.  In order to best serve our customers and all homeowners with a central vacuum system, we write articles on our technical know how coming from 35+ year of industry knowledge. Click one of our categories on central vacuum systems below, or feel free to contact us and email a question! – The Central Vac Guys


Beam Central Vacuum – Beam central vacuum systems are on the most popular brands on the market today. Their outstanding manufacturing quality is evident in their power units, hoses, power heads, and all other central vacuum parts and accessories. You can find a wide range of information about beam products through this link.

Central Vacuum Installation – Central vacuum installation can be a challenge, and is not an easy task for the standard homeowner. For those who are handyman inclined, we have written a 5 piece blog post on everything you will need to know on how to install a system in your home.

Central Vacuum Accessories  – central vacuum accessories are all the tools and attachements that come with the system, and make it easier to use. They are designed to help you clean more efficiently and use your central vacuum to its maximum potential.

Central Vacuum Attachment Kits – these kits are premade by certain manufacturers. They include the power head, central vacuum hose, and other tools which normally are part of the packages.

Central Vacuum Hoses – Hoses come in a variety of different sizes and qualities. Most range from 30-35 ft. and are made of a durable plastic. This prevents crushing of the hose and prolongs the life of it.

Central Vacuum Motors – these motors are commercial grade and are designed for long use within a home or business. They create all the suction for the central vacuum system.

Central Vacuum Parts – Trying to find parts is one of the toughest parts of owning a central vacuum. We blog about central vacuum parts that break often, and where you can find the specific pieces.

Central Vacuum Brands – Here you can find a bunch of articles about the different brands of central vacuum systems, and which ones are the best. We have been in the industry for 35+ years, so we know which ones are junk and which ones are not.

Central Vacuum Specialty Systems – Specialty systems are designed for applications that are out of the norm. If you were thinking on installing a central vacuum in a salon, warehouse, or even on a yacht then you can find information on how to do that here.

2 Responses to Home

  1. Clarence Byrne says:

    We are interested in comparing a MDSS2400 central van with an electrolux. Home is about 3500 square feel.

  2. Kevin says:

    Help I need a service rep in San Joaquin County
    , Calif to fix the low suction in my Electrolux central vacumn…can someone help me out!

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