How to Find Honeywell Central Vacuum Parts

With so many whole house vacuums on the market, it can sometimes be tough to find the correct parts for your particular machine. Each Honeywell power unit has individual central vacuum parts which are unique and particular to that specific model. Since this is the case, we always recommend calling our parts department at 1-855-649-7996 to make sure you are getting the correct product.

Example of a Central Vacuum PC Board

Example of a Central Vacuum PC Board

So what parts may need to be replaced in your honeywell vacuum? To answer this question its best to go over the individual pieces that make up one of these machines. Central vac units are relatively simple in terms of components, but each one is precision engineered in order to maximize suction and keep stress on the motor to a minimum. If you were to dismantle a unit made within the last 10 years you would find:

1) Motor – The motor is attached to a fan which creates the suction for the machine. Each motor is specific to the particular unit model, and we wouldn’t recommend trying to use a different one unless it is approved by the manufacturer.

2) Circuit board – The circuit board controls all of the necessary electrical functions, and regulates the motor itself. Most often when a power unit is not working the circuit board is the cause. Luckily these are easily changed out and the cost is typically 1/10th that of replacing the whole entire unit.

3) Filters – The filters protect the motor and circuit board from the dust entering the machine. These filters should be changed out on a bi-yearly basis for peak performance.

4) Power Unit Body – the power unit body is what holds the machines components inside. Very rarely do you see damage to it, but parts are available if needed.

You can find our whole listing of parts on our website

Thanks for reading and happy cleaning!

The Central Vacuum Direct Team

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