Problems That Can Creep Up On Your Central Vacuum Hose

Central vacuum hoses are lightweight and easy to use attachments that make vacuuming far more easy than is possible using a heavy, all in one push vacuum. However, even with the modular nature of central vacuums creating far more mechanical longevity as well as deep cleaning power and suction, there are still mechanical issues and maintenance requirements that must be met to keep your vacuum cleaner functioning long into the future. Your central vacuum hose is a primary consideration and potential site for malfunction and may need repair or replacement if any of the following issues come into play.

1) Your central vacuum does not activate when you flip the switch. There are a few possibilities that may be behind this malfunction. Either there is a short circuit in the switch assembly itself or a problem in the wiring connecting the hose to your home’s power supply. Most often the best solution, after trying the hose in multiple outlets around your home to be sure the problem is not in the outlet, is to replace either the handle assembly or the entire attachment.

2) Low suction in your hose. This may occur as a result of a clog either in your central vacuum hose or in the piping within your home. Contact a service professional to have your system snaked to solve this problem.

3) Power head will not activate when you flip the switch. This occurs either as a result of a short circuit in your hose or in the assembly itself. Try replacing the attachment to solve the problem.

4) Loss of suction and whistling sound from a tear in the hose. This may occur from closing a door on your hose or otherwise damaging it. You can secure the leak with duct tape however this will diminish its cosmetic quality. Replace the hose otherwise.

The best way to avoid issues with your hose assemblies is to make sure that your central vacuum hose is treated well every time you use it. Avoid unnecessary impacts with the head and avoid closing doors or otherwise crushing the plastic tube as this may also create leaks.

If you need any other help with your hoses, you can contact a specialist at central vacuum direct by calling their toll free number 1-855-649-7996!

Thanks for reading and happy cleaning!

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