Why Central Vacuums Have More Suction than Portables

You can easily find statistics online which point to the health benefits and increased cleaning that can come from investing in a central vacuum for your home rather than a self contained ground vacuum model. But where does this benefit really come from and why are central vacuums inherently more effective for deep cleaning than self contained portable cleaners? The answer lies in the motor assembly.

A central vacuum motor is more than just the device that provides the suction—it is a high powered, commercial grade electric motor that is connected to a fan on the axle which aggressively pulls air through the system. Now your average central vac motor is rated for over one thousand two hundred hours of use for its lifetime (though it may run shorter or longer depending on the particular model, the amount of use, and the maintenance it receives). For someone who vacuums at least twice a week this means that your average motor will run over sixteen years with no issues to be expected.

Portable vacuums simply cannot deliver this level of power due to their built in size limitation. A ground vacuum must have all of its components in one little, movable package. The motor is a lot smaller and the amount of suction that it can generate is likewise a lot less when compared to a built-in model.

Because central vacs are modular they are inherently more customizable for the home that their construction engulfs. What do I mean? Central vacuums are built piecemeal. The motor assembly is connected to pipes which run throughout the home towards outlets and an exhaust vent, and also connected to your home’s power system. You can install pipes throughout your home and then attach a motor assembly later or replace everything one broken piece at a time when necessary. This also means that you can buy a more or less powerful motor (or even two) depending on your needs (homes over 12,000 square feet often use a dual motor system to provide adequate suction to every corner of the system).

This modular construction, mixed with the obvious benefits of having a much larger and high powered motors all make a central vac a better investment than a portable. You can find all of your different built-in vac needs at www.centralvacuumdirect.com.

Thanks for reading and happy cleaning!

Central Vacuum Direct Tech Support

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