Places and Types Of Homes That Could Benefit From A Central Vacuum Installation

Central vacuums are well known for their ease of use, their power, their convenience, and their healthfulness for homes. But most people really only associate built-in vacs with big mansions and luxury homes. Yet there are so many other locations where a central vacuum installation would make life and cleaning much easier. For instance…

Hunting cabins. More people than you might expect have a little hidden woodsy cabin for hunting, hiking, or simply enjoying the outdoors. These cabins tend to have power, but are still isolated and only one room big. Now what do these cabins tend to create? Dirt, mud, mess. Whether from hiking through mud, getting caught in the rain, or from young children playing n the dirt. Normal vacuum cleaners may clog when facing the sheer amount of mud and dirt that can be created.

Beach homes and villas. Whether you are a private citizen with a little cabin on a Lake Michigan dune, or out there in California, or you are a major developer throwing up villas down south in fairer climates, central vacuum systems are an investment that can do more than simply add to the property value (though they will do that as well). Normal vacuum cleaners in these spots may be stolen because of isolation, or may break often due to the huge amount of sand that is tracked inside during normal vacations. Central vacuums, due to larger filters and motors, are up to this challenge and can go long periods without replacement and without maintenance.

Workshops. While many workshops have a trusty shop vac installed to deal with messes, shavings, and spills on the ground, they still run into trouble when it comes time to empty the vacuum cleaner or time to store it out of the way (as a normal shop vac is incredibly bulky and hard to move). Why not build your home’s vacuum system out to include this area from the beginning so that you don’t need to worry about pulling a bulky floor unit around your equipment?

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Thanks for reading and happy cleaning!

– The Central Vac Guys

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