Canavac 511xls Central Vacuum Review

Very rarely do we get to review a product here at central vacuum direct and not sound harsh and critical. Usually there is something major that we can find wrong with a  central vacuum that leads us to point you in the direction of a different brand or machine. The canavac 511xls seems to have a lot going for it though for several reasons.

The first few things we liked about this machine are less important, but they are still something that should be incorporated in the buying decision of a homeowner. The fact that the canavac 511xls is an all steel unit shows that you’re going to get something that going to stand the test of time. A lot of manufacturers are starting to make a push towards plastic bodied units in order to save on production costs. Along with these plastic units have come cheaper motors and decreased suction power and durability. The 511xls has no durability problems, and we liked that it was also coated in a rustproof paint to prevent any type of corrosion due to different climate conditions in separate regions.

Canavac 511XLS Central Vacuum

Another small detail we liked about the 511xls central vac was the dual intake on either side of the machine. As the generation of central vacuum systems are starting to wear out from the 80’s people are starting to replace the power units. With the option of having an intake on both the left and the right the customer is able to replace a current unit and not have to worry about repiping at all.

Now we get to some of the more important details that really stood out to us and make us believe that the 511XLS is one of the very best central vacuums available today.

1) The Motor:

The motor in the 511XLS is impressive, even in central vacuum terms. These all metal tangential bypass motors have integrated ametek lamb’s new infinity motor brush technology (33% longer carbon brushes) & an enhanced cooling system. In lamen’s terms, these motors are going to last a lot longer than any other motor on the market. This is one of the reasons canavac warranty’s their motor and electrical components for 20 years on this model. This motor also puts out some hurricane force suction power. Its 8.4 inch diameter is over 35% larger than the standard 6  inch motors you’ll find in most central vac’s of this caliber.

2) The Warranty:

20 years on the motor and electrical components. Enough Said. Closest competitor offers only 12 years.

3) The price:

At $849.00 the canavac 511XLS does seem a bit pricey, but when compared to other quality brands in the market the price is actually close to $100 less. Comparable units such as the beam 398c, Vacuflo 960, and other high performance central vacuums carry a price tag that can reach well into the $1000 range.

Overall it seems like the value is really present in this central vac, and you actually get a quality product for your money. This is refreshing to see as so many manufacturers have been cheapening up their products to make them more disposable. So cheers canavac! You did good.

Thanks for reading & happy cleaning!

The Central Vac Guys

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  1. Gabriel Oliveira says:

    Boa tarde,
    Estou procurando um aspirador central,e tenho todo o interesso em adquerir um canavac
    e gostaria o que fazer para adquerir.


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