Commercial Central Vacuum System for Industry

There are a lot of manufacturing and industrial operations which require commercial central vacuum systems in order to rid their plant of various materials. These systems are usually specially designed in order to undergo the rigorous stress that commercial operations may put upon central vacuum systems. Recently we had a commercial operation contact us in order to help them figure out a solution to a dust problem they had. This large construction company was having a lot of problems with the dust that was being distributed around by a sand blasting machine that they often used. This dust was becoming a problem so they rigged together a shopvac to try to gather it in the blasting chamber. The shopvac lasted little longer than a month. This was one of the solutions we pre-fabricated for them to solve their problem.

The first thing we did we assess what kind of materials were going to be suctioned into the central vac.  Since they were using a sand blaster, the material was going to be fine but still granulated enough to not cause a problem with the filtering system. Next we needed to decide how strong of a central vacuum we should be using for the operation. Since the design called for the suction to be spread out among many holes on a 5 ft. long tube, they needed a vacuum that was going to have superior power with a commercial grade motor. We installed the Canavac unit as opposed to a beam vacuum system because the larger “infinity motor” the manufacturer installed. These new motors have a 33% longer life, and an enhanced cooling system that stands up to more rigorous use.

This is just one of the many commercial applications that central vac’s can have for industrial operations. Within the past 5 years there have been leaps and bounds in the manufacturing of new high quality commercial grade motors. These motors are outperforming, outlasting, and being put through the most rigorous of operations and still not having a problem.

Important things to consider when you’re looking for a power unit is the overall construction quality, the type of motor installed, and the overall warranty that’s going to cover your motor and electrical components. These things are the top three concerns you should have when picking out a unit to use in a business operation. If you stick to an all steel construction and choose a unit with a tangential bypass motor, then you should be set with a quality unit. When you’re looking at the different warranties, choose one that has at least a 15+ year guarantee on the motor and electrical components. This way you won’t be stuck paying a high price for parts in the future. We would recommend canavac systems for commercial use, as they are the only company to have a 20+ year warranty.

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