Specialty Central Vacuum Systems

As more small business’ are starting to expand their services, their needs have also grown. Several types of small business’ would directly benefit with the installation of a central vacuum to help clean and keep the customers rolling in. You may think, “what type of business would actually use a central vacuum on a day to day basis?” and the answer is almost all of them. It is common practice to clean a store almost every night. Nothing screams bad business like a dirty display! Here are some of the different types of business’ that would see a positive change in their day to day operations:

Salons – A central vacuum system in a salon is a no brainer in today’s fast pace lifestyle, and would decrease the time it takes for hair stylists to clean their booths. The unit could be stored in a utility closet, with the central vacuum pipe running through the walls to inlet valves. Valves could be strategically placed throughout the salon, or with vacpans at every booth. When the stylist is done cutting the hair, she could simply sweep it into the central vacuum vacpan and it would be sucked away. A beam vacuum system would be ideal for such business’. They have a cost effective power unit that would be able to cover up to 1500 sq. ft.

Warehouses – Even warehouses need to be cleaned every once in a while. Whether it is in an area where scraps are present and need to cleaned, or just a routine cleaning of the concrete floor. A central vacuum can be installed in a single location and provide inlets throughout the whole entire area. The employee would simply have to plug in a 50 ft. utility hose into the valve be would be able to clean up to 1000 sq ft. with ease at each location.

Restaurants – Every restaurant owner knows the mess that follows every night after close. Crumbs all over the floor, dust and dirt trailed in from outside. A central vacuum system is the perfect addition to a restaurant, and gives the cleaning crew the ability to clean up the mess in the fraction of a time it would take with a portable vacuum cleaner. A 35 ft. electric central vacuum hose could be combined with an electric power head to give maximum cleaning ability.

Car Wash Centers & Gas Stations – Perhaps the most useful central vacuum system would be one that pays you back. Owners of car washes and gas stations can purchase coin operated central vacuum systems capable of cleaning out any car or boat. These industrial systems are rated for 1200+ hours of use, and can pay for themselves within half that period.

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