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When You Need a Central Vacuum Replacement Hose

Often times it can be frustrating when your central vacuum power nozzle, or whole entire central vacuum isn’t working correctly. This is a problem that most homeowners who have a central vacuum come across at least once. Luckily sometimes this … Continue reading

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Electrolux Central Vacuum Hose

A central vacuum hose can usually be replaced universally, and it most often doesn’t matter which brand you choose. An Electrolux central vacuum hose is not universally going to work with the majority of power heads and may present a … Continue reading

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Vacuflo Hose

When your choosing a central vacuum hose for your home cleaning system, most of them are pretty much the same and will work with a universal fit. A vacuflo hose though is unique in the way it fits into a … Continue reading

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Central Vacuum Hose Sock

Every homeowner who owns a central vacuum and has a central vacuum hose knows the problems that can occur when you drag it around furniture, or even worse around the corners of your walls. The central vacuum hose has a … Continue reading

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Beam Central Vacuum Hose – Direct Connect vs. Pigtail End

If you buy a hose today it is probably going to be universal and able to fit within a standard central vacuum inlet valve. A common problem people come across though is ordering an electric central vacuum hose and not … Continue reading

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