Which Is The Best Central Vacuum Brand?

After 35 years of experience in the central vacuum industry, one of the most common customer questions we received in our brick and mortar store & ecommerce store was “which central vacuum brand is best?”. Of course a salesman could throw you a pitch on the newest, most expensive model out on the market, but that wouldn’t do the customer any good. That is why at central vacuum direct we are going to go a step further to explain why Canavac & is the best single brand for central vacuum systems currently out.

Canavac 511 XLS – 15 Year Warranty

First is the power unit body. The Canavac XLS series uses an all steel, quiet construction with an attached muffler which minimizes the sound heard while maximizing long term durability. This is in comparison to units like Frigidaire, eureka, & nutone which are now changing to a plastic outer housing. These plastic units do less to minimize the sounds heard from the central vacuum motor, and every homeowner knows that an all steel machine is going to be more durable than a plastic unit.

Second is the updated commercial motor that is being installed into the same series. These longer lasting motors have been rated for more hours than any other central vacuums. The suction power ranges in between 136’’ – 147’’, way beyond what any portable vacuum cleaner could be expected to do. It is this high suction power which enables a homeowner to thoroughly clean their home.

The warranty for the central vacuum unit is also the best on the market. This is due to such high quality components being used in manufacturing. The LS-series, which are rated for up to 8,000-10,000 sq. ft. come with a 15 year warranty (limited electrical). The premiere XLS-Series come with a standard 20 year warranty (limited electrical). Other top manufacturers haven’t come close to this. A beam vacuum warranty still stands at 10 years (limited electrical).

Overall the superior suction, construction, and durability of canavac central vacuums cannot be beat. Their a manufacturer of yesteryear, providing a quality all metal product with the warranty to match.

Thanks for reading!

– The Central Vac Guys

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