New for 2013: Central Vacuum Pet Accessories for Your Home

A lot of homeowners these days have a central vacuum system, but are unaware of all the exciting accessories that you can purchase to go along with it. Today, we’ll take a look at the different pet accessories that are available to make your life and cleaning your home easier than ever.

1)      The Pet Power Paw Attachment

The pet power paw attachment uses the suction of your vacuum cleaner combined with a turbine powered brush roll to remove pet hair and dander. The advantages of this attachment are the agitation from the brush roll, which causes smaller dander particles to be released from carpet and upholstery. Disadvantages are the somewhat awkward nose of the nozzle, which can inhibit you from getting into small cracks and crevices. We would recommend this tool most for wide and flat surfaces, stairs, and upholstery.

2)      9 Inch Sofa Tool


Commonly used for upholstery, the 9 inch sofa tool has an electrostatic velvet strip on the bottom to attract pet hair when cleaning a surface. The tool works best for cat hair, and other light and fine hair from small and large dogs. However, the tool is not very effective when trying to clean large, dense, waxy hair which is found on Labrador retrievers and other breeds. For this type of hair we would recommend the pet power paw attachment above.

3)      Top Vac Petite Pet Groomer


The top vac petite pet groomer is perfect for those who want that professional grooming touch without spending all the money to bring your dog to the groomers. The flexible polymer combs are soft and gently brush the loose hair and pet dander from your dog or cat.

4)      Top Dog Extra Large Pet Groomer


The top dog groomer is the same as the top vac petite groomer, but designed for larger sized dogs. The over-sized grooming pads offer a larger surface area to clean your large pets with greater ease.


Thanks for reading and happy cleaning! Remember you can find all these accessories and more at!

The Central Vacuum Direct Team

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