Beginners Information on a Residential Vacuum System for Your Home

A residential vacuum, more commonly known as a central vacuum, is a cleaning system which is installed throughout the home with cleaning ports installed at strategic locations. So what do these systems consist of? Here are the basics:

1)      The residential vacuum unit:

This unit is usually located in the garage, crawlspace, or in some situations the attic. The function of the vacuum unit itself is to provide the suction for the whole house system, and collect and retain all of the dust from vacuuming. Because there is such a large container for dust retention, you usually only have to empty a central vacuum 3-4 times per year. The unit itself is hooked up to a network of pipe which is located within the walls of the home.

2)      The internal piping:

The internal vacuum pipe is run all the way throughout the home to the individual “inlet valves” which are strategically placed for vacuum efficiency. The pipe itself is a special schedule 40 thin wall pipe, specifically made for the industry. This pipe is the connector between the attachment set and the residential vacuum unit.

3)      The attachment set:

The attachment set is the final piece of a central vacuum system. The set consists of a 30-35 foot hose, an extension wand, a powernozzle, and various other cleaning attachements. The hose hooks up to the inlet valve and provides the homeowner with a 600 sq. ft. cleaning radius throughout the home.

Central Vacuum Valve

Residential Vacuum System Installation Setup

As you can see from the photo above, the whole entire system is plumbed together in a similar fashion to your current electrical or plumbing. The suction and cleaning power you get from a central vacuum is almost 4 times more powerful, and according to studies done by the University of California at Davis; a residential vacuum system reduces the amount of allergens in the home by containing them outside the main living area.

If you have any other questions about residential vacuums, feel free to contact us on our toll free number 1-855-649-7996, or at our online store,

Thanks for reading & happy cleaning!

The Central Vacuum Direct Team

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