Canavac Coming Out With New Central Vacuum Models

Hello do-it-yourselfers and homeowners! It’s been a while since we’ve updated our blog on central vacuum systems, but now we’re back in action to bring you all the knowledge you need about these cleaning machines!

Recently Canavac has announced that they’re coming out with new models to replace they’re aging 250L & 399L systems. The 250L and 399L are two of the smallest systems the company offers, and they wanted to update them with newer style motors that last longer. They’re going to be renaming the models with a different model number and officially “retiring” the other units. You should be aware though that this retirement of the older line is not because of defects and will have no change in the warranty if you’ve purchased one already. Think of it as a car, it just went through an “update” after being on the market for so long.

So what can you expect with these new systems? The new systems use a high efficiency motor that provides a lot of suction, and on average is made to last 800 hours of use. Noting that the average homeowner vacuums about an hour a week, you can expect 15+ years of hassle free use from these affordable units. (This is based on averages, typically you will see a unit of this caliber last 20+ years if properly maintained.)

When we have more information on the units you expect another post.

Thanks for reading and happy cleaning,

The Team

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