What is the Best Central Vacuum for my Home?

When homeowners start to consider a central vacuum system, there are always a lot of questions they are ready to ask. The most prevalent question we come across though is, “What is the best central vacuum system for my home?” Of course this will range on a case to case basis, but most often you can narrow it down to at least a few different brands and models.

For smaller homes it isn’t always necessary to get the most powerful central vac on the market. Yes, the larger models will have more suction, but it really isn’t necessary considering the length of pipe you’ll have installed in your home and the length of the hose. You’ll want to go with a smaller model, preferably Canavac or Beam, as these are the most reliable models and also carry the best warranty. When looking through the different models available from these brands you can stick to the lower end without sacrificing the suction you’ll need.

For a medium sized home you’ll still want to stick with the Canavac and Beam brands. As with most products, as the price increases you usually have an increase in performance. This is the case with central vacs, and you should stick to a medium priced unit when installing inside a medium sized home. Anything below the mid-grade unit will not have enough suction and will seriously disappoint, and anything larger will be overkill and may be a waste of money depending on the model you choose.

For any homes that are larger than 2500 sq. ft. we always recommend to go with the Canavac products. Not only do they use a substantially larger motor that provides more suction, they also come with the best warranty on the market (20 years motor and electrical, lifetime on the power unit body). Popular units for the larger size homes include the 511XLS, & 911 XLS if your home is 5000+ sq. ft.

Whether your home is average, mid-size, or a mansion there is an affordable central vacuum system available for you!

Thanks for reading and happy cleaning!

www.centralvacuumdirect.com Support Team

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