Beam Rugmaster Plus

Often times there is always a tried and trusted product in every industry. When it comes to central vacuum power head kits, the beam rugmaster plus is one of them. This particular power head design has been around for 10+ years and counting, and like they always say “Don’t fix it if it’s not broken”. The reason the beam rugmaster plus is such a great cleaning tool for your home is because of its simplicity, quality components, and ability to deeply clean several different types of carpet without adjusting the power nozzle.

The beam rugmaster plus powerhead does best what it is designed to do, and that’s clean. The all steel brushroll in the power head is paired with aggressive brush strips that will agitate the carpet, pulling up dust and dirt particles deep within it. This is opposed to cheap power head kits that have soft brush rolls that essentially only clean the surface of your carpet. This leaves your home as a magnet for dust and other particles that you don’t want around. Using such an aggressive power head on your floor will solve this problem. The brush strips combined with the suction from your central vacuum will out clean any portable vacuum on the market.

What else makes the beam rugmaster plus such an efficient cleaning machine? The maintenance costs. Like any other appliance that is used on a semi-daily basis and gets abused by a lot of homeowners, you’re going to need to tune it up every once in a while. This is where the cost factor really weighs in on whether you should repair or replace your power head kit. The beam rugmaster parts are extremely affordable. Since the particular style has been around for so long, and so many have been produced, the manufacturers were able to employ economies of scale and provide the home owners with a lot of interchangeable parts. The brushstrips, brush roll, motor, extension wands, & hose are all available at low prices. This makes cleaning your home easy AND affordable.

What are the possible problems you could have with a beam rugmaster plus?

1) The connections at the wands could short out: This is due to the homeowner constantly detaching and reattaching the wands without turning the electricity in the hose off first. Luckily you can find these cords and replace them rather easily.

2) The rugmaster brushroll isn’t spinning: This is probably just a broken belt, easily fixed on the cheap. the beam rugmaster plus belt comes in a pack of two and can be found online at

3) The Rugmaster plus isn’t working at all: This could be a number of problems, but is most likely just a loose connection.

Overall the beam rugmaster plus is a very durable and economical cleaning kit for your home. According to central vacuum direct it is one of the best overall kits you can purchase. Like all power heads and attachment kits, you will eventually run into problems as the cleaning equipment gets older. The nice thing about this power head kit though, is that as your run into these problems the parts are cheap to replace and the power head can be easily worked on by anyone with a little bit of handy man in them.

Thanks for reading & happy cleaning!
– The Central Vac Guys

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