Central Vacuum Hose Sock

Every homeowner who owns a central vacuum and has a central vacuum hose knows the problems that can occur when you drag it around furniture, or even worse around the corners of your walls. The central vacuum hose has a rigid surface that can often cause damage to the paint on furniture and other surfaces. The constant friction between your hose and other surfaces can tear apart your home. For this exact reason, they have invented the central vacuum hose sock. The central vacuum hose sock is a barrier between the grooved surface of your hose and your precious walls and furniture. They come in many different styles and sizes. Here we will review the different types of central vacuum hose socks available for your system.

Zipsoc central vacuum hose socks: The zipsoc hose sock from plastiflex is one of the better hose socks on the market. These hose socks can be relatively hard to put on your hose though. When you purchase them they are inserted on a large tube. You pull your central vacuum hose through the tube and the sock attaches. This can be tough because the hose handle can get in the way. The fabric on this hose sock is also a concern. Its lack of thickness may not prevent it from ruining your walls, although it will drag along your floor a lot easier.

Zipper Central Vacuum Hose Socks (Pictured Above): These are the best type of hose socks on the market. They unzipper all the way down and are easily installed on your central vacuum hose. The quilted fabric is high quality and padded enough to protect all your furniture and walls. To take a closer look at these hose socks, click the picture above.

Overall a central vacuum hose sock is a great idea for your system, and is a must have in every home. They will protect your walls from being damaged and won’t interfere with the cleaning ability of your central vac.

Thanks for reading, and happy cleaning!

– The Central Vac Guys

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1 Response to Central Vacuum Hose Sock

  1. Francis says:

    Will these also cover 2″ hoses as well as the standard 1 1/2 hose? I use a 50′ 2″ hose on my Silent Master CVAC system

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