Beam Q Power Team

The beam Q power team is manufactured by beam industries and is one of the best attachment sets you can purchase for your beam central vacuum or as a kit for any system with universal inlet valves. It is one of the newest kits available, only being on the market for about 3 years now. Central vac attachment kits do not get redesigned too often and the predecessor of the beam Q lasted almost 20 years without a major engineering upgrade. These power teams and attachment kits do not get upgraded yearly because there is no need. The general design of the earlier power head packages is still extremely effective and does a great job cleaning. With the introduction of carpeting such as frieze and burbur, beam decided to finally give an upgrade to its line of power teams and the beam Q was born.

The beam Q is perfect for homes that have a wide range of surfaces that need to be cleaned.  It includes a variety of cleaning accessories that help the homeowner reach the hard to toughest places such as between the couch cushions and along the baseboards. The power head is designed to be used on every type of flooring surface. Its adjustable height is extremely important when going between hard surface flooring to plush carpeted areas. Homeowners sometimes think that having the beam q power head on its lowest setting all the time will maximize the cleaning ability. This is simply not true. When you restrict the airflow of central vacuum systems by having the power heads too low to the ground you are minimizing the effectiveness and putting more stress on the power head motor. The lowest setting should only be used for hardwoods, tile, and other hard surface floors. For more plush carpeted areas always use the mid-height setting.

The other high quality attributes that define the beam q power team are its ergonomic handle, LED headlights, and unique quick release system. The ergonomic handle design eliminates the stress put on the wrist from pushing the power head back and forth over the carpet while cleaning. This is better for your health, and will relieve the strain that is sometimes recognized after vacuuming a whole house. The LED headlights on the front of the power head let you see under beds, coffee tables, and other areas that don’t have enough light reaching them. When the handle is turned the beam q power team is able to lie completely flat in order to go under low lying areas. The unique quick release system is one of the best features of the beam Q, and makes it a lot easier to use. You are able to detach the central vacuum hose either at the base of the power head or the top where it plugs into the extension wands. This way you are able to connect accessories onto the end to clean your upholstery and drapes.

Overall the beam Q power team is one of the best power head kits you can purchase. The Q is make of high quality central vacuum parts and contains all the accessories you may need. Its adjustable power head makes it ideal for homes with several different types of flooring. The redesign of this kit was done correctly, and it will outlast any other kits on the market today.

Thanks for reading, and happy cleaning!

– The Central Vac Guys

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2 Responses to Beam Q Power Team

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  2. Gary says:

    First day with this unit. Why when I turn the handle all the way to the right to vacuum under a couch does the unit turn off?

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