Beam Rugmaster Power Team

It’s not hard to be confused when searching for a new power head kit, especially if you’re not sure if you have universal inlet valves or not. The power head kit consists of the central vacuum hose, extension wands, powerhead, and assorted accessories (which vary from kit to kit). The hose is hooked up to the central vacuum inlet valves in order to access the central vacuum and use it to clean. These kits come in a wide range of qualities, with beam and lindhaus manufacturing the best. One of the best kits they currently make is the beam rugmaster power team.

Beam Rugmaster Powerteam

The beam rugmaster is very simple compared to other kits. Its interchangeable parts and basic design keep the complications from too many bells and whistles at bay, while still providing you with an excellent cleaning tool. The kit comes with either a 30 or 35ft crushproof hose. This hose is very durable and will not get ruined if you step on it or even run it over with a car. The accessories that come with this kit include everything you need to properly clean your home. The kit comes with a crevice tool to reach in between spaces and get in odd corners like stairs, an upholstery brush to clean up pet hair and to groom other fabrics, and a dusting brush to clean a variety of surfaces. Other accessories that are included are a hardwood floor brush and an extra set of extension wands.  Overall the beam rugmaster power team includes one of the largest assortments of accessories at a decent price.

The power head on the beam rugmaster is what does all the cleaning, and is the most valuable piece in the powerteam kit. The rugmaster has a high quality motor compared to other powerheads. This enables it to turn the brush roll at a higher rpm, in turn agitating the carpet more for a deeper clean. The power head is relatively easy to work on, and the parts can be easily found through a local vac shop or

Overall the beam rugmaster kit is one of the best on the market. For the price tag, it comes with a  wide range of accessories and a high quality hose and powerhead. Central vacuum systems are only as good as the power head kit they are paired with, so if your thinking about purchasing a new kit be sure to look at the beam rugmaster.

Thanks for reading, and happy cleaning!

– The Central Vac Guys

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