Central Vac Accessories

There are a wide variety of different central vac accessories that are available to a homeowner to clean more efficiently than ever before. Some of these accessories are useless, while others have been transformative in the way we clean and get rid of dust in our homes. Recently manufacturers have been coming up with some very clever designs that are more suited to the different types of flooring that are being installed in newer homes. With the advent of a large push in hardwood flooring, the industry has responded with a new selection of tools that help the homeowner clean faster.

The central vac hardwood floor brush has been changing a lot in recent years with the introduction of a double pivot action rather than a single pivot. With the old type of floor brushes you were limited in where you could actually clean with your central vac. These floor brushes could not turn properly and were stuck with a back and forth motion. This all recently changed when a company called wessel werks came out with a complete redesign. This redesign revolutionized the hardwood floor brush industry for vacuums. It had a double pivot motion which enabled homeowners to easily maneuver around and below furniture and other obstacles.

Other central vac accessories that are common for your central vac include an upholstery brush, crevice tool, turbine brush, blind attachment, fan attachment, and other all inclusive packages that include hoses, power heads, & hose socks.

An upholstery brush is pretty self-explanatory, and is used on the different types of upholstery in your home. They are designed to maximize the suction by concentrating it over a smaller collection area. This concentration of suction is what makes cleaning up pet hair and other debris a lot easier when using this brush. Other uses for this upholstery tool include the stairs and other small areas that cannot be reached with the larger floor brush or power head.

The central vac crevice tool is one of the most useful, and is used primarily to get into places that are very small and cannot be accessed by any other tools. The thin profile of the crevice tool allows you to reach into the smallest of spaces with ease, and the concentration of suction makes it really easy to pick up debris. Recently they have come out with some flexible crevice tools that work wonders in cleaning out the hardest to reach areas such as dryer vents and underneath appliances. You can find a large selection of crevice tools on central vacuum direct.

A turbine brush is useful for all homeowners who have pets that shed, or a large amount of traffic within the home. These brushes use the suction power of the central vac to run a turbine, which in turn powers a small rotating brushroll. This rotating brush roll does what the upholstery brush and hardwood floorbrush does not, it agitates the carpet and other surfaces with bristles to release dust and other allergens and get them sucked up in the vacuum system. Turbo brushes are available in either a handheld size or as a full power head.

There are a lot of central vac accessory packages that are available that include everything you need, so you don’t have to worry about finding every little piece. These packages will include a hose, electric power head, and an assortment of other accessories to clean your home. For a quality package that will not break even a couple of years down the road you should expect to pay about $500-$600. Any less than this and the quality of the packages tends to go down quite a bit, leaving you with a disposable product rather than one that will last a long time.

Overall there are a lot of choices when it comes to central vac accessories. There are a lot of useful tools that are actually functional and work well when you use them, and there are also a lot of useless ones. For all of your central vacuum needs you can visit centralvacuumdirect.com

Thanks for reading & happy cleaning!

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    Best on line company I’ve done business with from first order through added customer assistance years after the purchase of a central vac residential system. Every staff member I’ve encountered has been helpful, timely and delivered what they promised. Sincere thanks to all and I highly recommend others to purchase from Central Vacuum Direct.

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