Central Vacuum Attachment Kits

The accessories you choose for your central vacuum are what make it an efficient cleaning tool for your household. You could have a unit which is double the suction power needed for your home, and still not have the appropriate power head. This may lead you to believe that your central vacuum may not be performing how it should. For this reason you can consult this post to see what the proper central vacuum hose, power head, and accessory kit you may need.

For Homes with at least 20 percent carpet you should have an electric attachment kit. This kit comes with a power head which is powered by a motor, much like a portable vacuum cleaner. The power comes from a normal electric wall inlet, or is directly wired to the inlet valve. The more aggressive power head deep cleans your carpets rather than just cleaning the surface. This is important in maintaining and prolonging the life of the carpets in your home. These types of kits also come with all the central vacuum accessories you may need. They often come prepackaged with a hardwood floor nozzle, crevice tool, upholstery tool, extension wand, dusting brush, & other various accessories that make it easier for the homeowner to clean their household.

For Homes with less than 20 percent carpet it is recommended that the homeowner goes with air turbine power head such as the vacuflo turbocat. These types of central vacuum attachment kits use an internal rotor powered by the suction of the central vacuum to power the brush roll. Although they may not clean as deep as an electrically driven power head, they still do an adequate job of removing dust and dirt. The advantages of purchasing an air driven attachment set include a lower price and easier maintenance. The only parts that need to be replaced over time are the brush roll and belt for the turbocat. Disadvantages include only moderate cleaning. Using an electric power head maximizes the agitation of the carpet and therefore cleans a lot deeper.

For Homes with all hard surface flooring you are able to use a standard or low voltage central vacuum hose with hardwood floor brush. These floor brushes are designed to be used on all types of hard flooring and are extremely effective in cleaning up dust and larger debris. These types of packages can be purchased with or without accessories, depending on the needs of the homeowner.

For garages and other bare floor surfaces the most affordable central vacuum attachment kit is a garage kit. The garage kit is similar to the bare floor central vacuum kits but come with fewer accessories. This is because within the garage area attachments such as the upholstery tool are not needed.

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