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Problems That Can Creep Up On Your Central Vacuum Hose

Central vacuum hoses are lightweight and easy to use attachments that make vacuuming far more easy than is possible using a heavy, all in one push vacuum. However, even with the modular nature of central vacuums creating far more mechanical … Continue reading

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Why Central Vacuums Have More Suction than Portables

You can easily find statistics online which point to the health benefits and increased cleaning that can come from investing in a central vacuum for your home rather than a self contained ground vacuum model. But where does this benefit … Continue reading

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Don’t Skimp on Your Central Vacuum Filter!

One of the biggest problems with normal┬áportable vacuums is their lack of real air filtration. While all vacuum cleaners must follow HEPA guidelines to filter out dust and allergens, some of the smallest airborne particles can make it through a┬áportable … Continue reading

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Commercial Central Vacuum System for Industry

There are a lot of manufacturing and industrial operations which require commercial central vacuum systems in order to rid their plant of various materials. These systems are usually specially designed in order to undergo the rigorous stress that commercial operations … Continue reading

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Central Vac Ratings

A recent couple was searching for the latest central vac for their home when they contacted us to get some more information on central vac ratings. They expressed that while showing all the technical information was fine and dandy, it … Continue reading

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