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Central Vacuum Systems – Cyclonic vs. Filtered

When a homeowner is looking to purchase a new central vacuum system in their home they are constantly bombarded with figures on airwatts, suction power, inches H20, etc. One of the major key factors that a lot of people selling … Continue reading

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Beam Central Vacuum Hose – Direct Connect vs. Pigtail End

If you buy a hose today it is probably going to be universal and able to fit within a standard central vacuum inlet valve. A common problem people come across though is ordering an electric central vacuum hose and not … Continue reading

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Beam Central Vacuum Kits – Review and Information

So you’ve found out that beam central vacuum kits are one of the best on the market, but now how do you decide upon which one to get? There are several differences between the kits. Some are better quality, some … Continue reading

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Beam Central Vac – Basic Information and Review

When shopping for central vacuum systems, Beam is a manufacturer that comes up a lot. Known for their quality cleaning equipment, beam started out as an appliance manufacturer in the 1940’s. Central vacuum systems started to become more popular, and … Continue reading

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Specialty Central Vacuum Systems

As more small business’ are starting to expand their services, their needs have also grown. Several types of small business’ would directly benefit with the installation of a central vacuum to help clean and keep the customers rolling in. You … Continue reading

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