Ultra-Soft Carpeting has Met its Match with the New Soft-Clean by Wessel-Werk

New Kids on the Block Have Collaborated!

Soft carpeting is the newest trend in flooring; several manufacturers are now offering these products in a variety of weights and constructions. The carpet manufactures believe that soft carpet is here to stay and it will remain one of their primary products in the years to come. However, most of the soft carpets require recommended vacuums to achieve the best movement, care and maintenance. Care for this carpet has become a hot item, as both flooring and vacuum manufacturers have been challenged with identifying the best possible cleaners to use with this ultra-soft carpeting. The missing piece has been found! The Soft-Clean Powerhead by Wessel-Werk has found its marriage with ultra-soft carpeting. These two collaborating together have worked wonders by deep cleaning the new silk like fibers without breaking them or getting tangled within the powerhead brush roll.

We have found that standard vacuum powerheads have not done their job well enough lifting dirt or, worse, damaging these specialized fibers. The rollers found in standard vacuum powerheads struggle to rotate over the added piling. This problem causes it to be hard to move the powerhead over the carpet. Also, it may get caught in the powerhead brush rolls, resulting in the carpeting getting pulled out and ruined. Wessel-Werk understood the demands this new carpeting would place on vacuum powerheads and began researching and evaluating their own models at their certified test labs.soft-clean2

The Wessel-Werk Soft-Clean EBK360 was designed from start to finish with soft carpet demands in mind. The Soft-Clean Powerhead can be used with most standard central vacuum systems as well as some canister vacuum units.

No Sealed Suction – To eliminate the chance of a powerhead locking onto the dense carpet and damaging the fibers, the Soft-Clean is designed with suction release holes along the bottom of the powerhead

Brush Roll Height Adjustment – By including 5 height adjustment levels, the Soft-Clean can be raised to glide easily across the extra thick carpeting

Lightweight Body – A newly designed build makes for lighter construction. This allows the unit to be easier to push

Thanks for reading & happy cleaning!

The Central Vacuum Direct Team

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