What do central vacuum stores have for your home cleaning system?

Ever wonder where you can get accessories and products for your central vacuum system? If you don’t have a local brick and mortar store, the answer is probably no. Luckily, there are online outlets such as www.centralvacuumdirect.com which offer a whole selection of central vacuum parts, accessories, hoses, and everything else you would need to install.


So what type of products do companies like central vacuum direct offer? Here’s a list of the variety of packages and accessories:

–          Whole Installation Packages: The best deal that’s available, the whole installation packages save the homeowner money by bundling everything you need to install a central vacuum system at once. They include the actual power unit to provide the suction, the accessory kit, hose, pipe, fittings, glue & other miscellaneous products needed for installation.

–          Replacement Central Vacuum Units:  A central vac on average will last about 20-25 years, but some homeowners may need to eventually replace the unit. You have a wide variety of many brands available to you, so the best way to decide which unit you need is to speak to a qualified expert.

–          Attachment Kits: the attachment kit is just as important as the actual power unit itself. It is crucial that you match a strong power unit with an attachment kit that has an aggressive power nozzle. The aggressive power nozzle releases the dirt from the deepest part of the carpet, while the enhanced suction from a quality power unit sucks it away to the dust container.

–          Pipe & Fittings: If your installing a new unit in  your home, you’re going to need the pipe and fittings to properly put in the valves and connect it to the main power unit. CV pipe and fittings are a special thin wall schedule 40 pipe, which has a slick inside to allow dust and other small particles to flow through without sticking.

–          Optional Accessories: the optional accessories are the so called “bells and whistles” that you can add on to a system. These accessories typically consist pet hair brushes, stair cleaning tools, blind cleaning tools, etc. This is where a major advantage with central vacuum systems comes in, as a lot of these accessories are not available for normal vacuums.

Thanks for reading & happy cleaning!

The Central Vacuum Direct Team

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