The Beam Q Attachment Set & Other Options for your Beam Central Vacuum

A central vacuum system can be thought to have two critical components which aid in the cleaning process, this is the vacuum unit itself and the attachment set. The vacuum, more commonly known as the power unit, provides the suction needed to take dust and dirt particles out of your carpet and to the collection bin. You’re attachment set provides the agitation needed to loosen up the dust particles from the carpet fibers. With your Beam central vac system, you’ll want to use the top of the line Beam Q attachment set. This set provides the most agitation with Beam’s newest design features.


So what makes the Beam Q attachment set the best when compared with the other options offered by electrolux? The first thing that you’ll notice is the large quality difference. When compared to the beam solaire and rugmaster attachments you can tell that the Q is a bit sturdier and has a more complicated design. These complications are needed though as homeowners are starting to fill their homes with different carpet heights and flooring surfaces. The need for a height adjustment mechanism has become essential, and is not available on the less expensive attachment sets (the solaire & rugmaster).

The Q also comes with a wide variety of attachments that aren’t available on some of the cheaper units. Examples of this are the @hand Power brush, which is essential to clean stairs and upholstery correctly. This and other tools which have integrated lighting make the cleaning experience much easier and more efficient than anything else that had previously been manufactured.

The only downfall to The Q attachment set is the limitations of usability with other central vacuum attachments. The proprietary end on the hose requires you to purchase replacement accessories from electrolux/beam and no other companies. If the homeowner is okay with making this type of commitment to a single product, then we would recommend the Q attachment set for anyone looking at a beam central vacuum system.

You can find this product and all others at the largest online superstore!

Thanks for reading & happy cleaning!

The Central Vacuum Direct Team

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