The Top 5 Central Vacuum Accessories to Make Cleaning Easier

Every year around Christmas & New years we tend to start the mad cleaning rush to once again make our homes look great for friends and family. Those with central vacuum systems know that digging in the closet for tools and accessories can sometimes turn up nothing but the dust bunnies lining the floor.

To celebrate the holidays, and help customers take a look at the latest vacuum accessories, we’ve compiled a list of five must cleaning tools for the holiday season!

#1 – The 24 inch Flexible crevice tool: This tool is a must have for both portable vacuum and central vacuum owners. With its flexibility it can squeeze between and under appliances, reach into dryer vents, and get to all the odd spaces that were eluding a good clean before.

#2 – The Standard Central Vac Garage Kit: Essential for every garage warrior, the standard garage kit includes a 30 ft. long hose and every accessory you would need to clean out your vehicle.

#3 – Dust Mop Floor Tool: With the transition to hardwood floors this tool is becoming more and more useful. The washable pad picks up the stubborn dust that tends to accumulate near the baseboards and underneath furniture.35114-2T


#4 – Vacpan for the kitchen: Even those who love their central vac don’t want to get out the hose for a quick pick up. This is where the vacpan comes in handy. Simply flip a switch and sweep whatever is on the floor into the vent for the easiest cleaning ever!


#5 – Wessel Werk Hand Power Brush: We’ve saved the best for last. Finally there’s a tool that will clean stairs and doesn’t put strain on your wrist. The hand power brush hooks up to any universal fit central vacuum system for effortless and powerful cleaning.472-2T

Thanks for reading and happy cleaning!

The Central Vacuum Team


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