How To Make Central Vac Comparisons

Installing a major appliance into your house calls for long sessions on the computer reading reviews, both by professionals and customers. If you are looking for comparisons of Central Vacuums in order to determine which manufacturer and model will be best suited to your home, finding reviews will be a little more difficult because this kind of appliance is still making its way into many houses and is comparatively unknown, despite central vacuum hosing being standard construction in all Canadian homes.

The trick to overcoming this lack of useful information for comparison involves speaking with companies or sellers (like our trained staff of representatives at central vacuum direct) directly and asking whatever questions you feel might be important. This may range from information requests on the vacuum motor suitable for your size home, the cost of the installation, or do it yourself advice. Some general literature is easily found online that will highlight essential measurements of system power, like the wattage of the central power unit and the overall suction power of the appliance, as well as storage space for dust waste and the ease of installation. This information and starting points may help shape the questions you will be asking providers.

Floor plans are also a big consideration that can be overlooked in the shopping process. We tend to assume that one centralized system fits all, but in actuality each home is entirely unique in what will be necessary for a successful installation. Large homes may need an oversized motor, or possibly a two motor system depending on the situation. Smaller houses may need unique piping or power hookups. The reason square feet play such a large role in choosing a system is because each power unit is geared towards differently sized floor plans. Single level ranch homes, for example, will not call for nearly as much power as a multi level mansion that will have dozens more rooms and inlets than the ranch house. If you are not sure what the square footage of your house is, you will need to assess that before shopping for systems otherwise your representative may not be able to help you to make the best purchasing decision.

Thanks for reading and happy cleaning!

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1 Response to How To Make Central Vac Comparisons

  1. Cris Davis says:

    I was thinking about having a dirt devil CV2200 Pro 690 installed in my 2200 sq. ft. home or either a Nutone vx 550C. These are the two types I have been told were availiable. After reading your reviews I am thinking of the canavac xls unit. Is there a spread sheet on line that would show me the pros and cons as well as prices for these units? Is it best to have bagless or bagged, cyclonic filtration, vented within or outside? I would appreciate your help on choosing the best vacuum for my new home. Thank you! C. Davis

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