Piping Options For Central Vacuum Systems

You’ve read how central vacuums have been clinically proven to provide one of the greatest health benefits for allergy and asthma sufferers, and how the installation of a central vacuum in a home can add a major boost to the property value. You’ve also read up on the ease of use that comes from a central vacuum, the power, and the convenience. But what about installation? After all, with a portable vacuum all you have to do is lug it into a closet and it is ‘installed.’ Central vacuums are slightly more involved—though it works to your advantage.

There are essentially three major options for pipe choices for installing a central vacuum. These are: Plumbing Pipe (such as schedule 40 PVC) and Vacuum Tubing designed specifically for central vacuums.  Each choice is unique and has both advantages and disadvantages which a pro central vacuum installation crew should be well familiar with, but do-it-yourselfers may need to check.

Vacuum Tubing: Vacuum tubing pipe is made specifically to suit central vacuum installations and manufacturers of vacuum tubing are bound to adhere to strict guidelines established by the American Standard of Testing and Materials (ASTM) Ruling F2158. Vacuum tubing pipe has a very specific wall thickness and rigidity in order to provide maximum airflow through the entire system with fewer clogs and less wear and tear. The pipe manages this by almost exactly matching and fitting to the diameter of hub fittings, allowing no ledges or points for clogs to become lodged in the system.

Vacuum tubing was specifically designed to be a standard for the industry and a common means for pipe manufacturers, central vacuum manufacturers, installers, and consumers across the industry. As a result current Uniform Building Code across most of the United States recognizes this piping and requires its use.

However, because vacuum tubing is meant for such a specific use it is hard to find at plumbing supply outlets or hardware depots. Obtaining it can become a significant cost for do it yourself installers who may want to turn to one of the following options.

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Thanks for reading and happy cleaning!

Central Vacuum Direct Support Team

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