What is your vacuum doing lately?

We can talk about all the things that central vacuums do well, but what about the things that normal vacuums utterly fail to do? Portable vacuums, push vacuums, self-contained vacuums are all limited by their size. No matter how well engineered, a portable vacuum needs to fit into a plastic casing that is a few feet tall and light enough to haul up and down stairs (in theory…). This means that normal vacuum cleaners must be made of pieces as lightweight as possible, and therefore less durable. It also means that the parts of the vacuum such as the motor, filter, and canister assemblies need to be much smaller than they could be if the system was stationary and spread out. Thus the amount of power is lower, the filtering system is less efficient, and the system needs to be emptied more often. And then you have the in convenience of moving the heavy system around. It is more than hard work; a large push vacuum is hard to get into corners and tight spaces and can actually scrape up and damage furniture, tables, chairs, and more.

Central vacuums do not scrape up tables, chairs, or furniture, because you don’t move the actual vacuum around. All you deal with is a lightweight nozzle and hose assembly that you can even use to vacuum walls, ceiling, and other overlooked surfaces like couch cushions. Also because the central vacuum is spread out over your entire home the system can afford to go with an oversized motor that will deliver more suction—and  because  the motor is off-site it will do so quietly. Most central vacuums can be used while talking on the telephone or watching TV (which makes the chore go by much faster).

You also need to factor in the benefit that comes from the external vent installed along with central vacuum systems. This vent completely expels particles from your house. Portable vacuums must filter air and push it back into the home—central vacuums get it out of your home entirely with a port on the outside of your home.

You can find all of your built-in vac needs at: http://www.centralvacuumdirect.com

Thanks for reading and happy cleaning!

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