Don’t Skimp on Your Central Vacuum Filter!

One of the biggest problems with normal portable vacuums is their lack of real air filtration. While all vacuum cleaners must follow HEPA guidelines to filter out dust and allergens, some of the smallest airborne particles can make it through a portable vacuum’s filter and are then expelled into the air that you are breathing. Because push vacuums are smaller and self contained they cannot afford the space necessary to build out a good filtering system and they cannot avoid re-circulating ‘clean’ air.

Central vacuums, however, avoid the problem and overall lead to a much cleaner home than any sort of push vacuum system can provide. The power that comes from the oversized central vacuum motor (stored in a utility closet or garage) which allows you to clean much deeper into carpet and also turn your attachments to such neglected surfaces as couch cushions and drapes. The filter assembly itself can afford to be bigger, denser, and higher quality because there is more room for it.

And even if a central vacuum filter were to fail entirely the system is inherently healthier. Rather than re-circulate air that has supposedly been cleaned central vacuums have an external vent on the outside of your home so that all dust  particles that are sucked in are also expelled from your property and your air—they never have a chance to get into your lungs. This makes central vacuums vital for those suffering from painful allergies or sensitive lungs.

But a central vacuum needs more than power and a decent filter to be effective in cleaning your home’s air, you also need a good power head to effectively clean all the different surfaces. A normal vacuum may have two settings—carpet and hardwood. Central vacuums, however, allow you to quickly and easily attach powered and non powered heads to deal with every type of surface for deep cleaning that no push vacuum can deal with, so that the places where your particles come from are clean and your air supply stays clean.

If you don’t believe us, give us a call and talk to a central vacuum expert today at central vacuum direct. Our technicians have been in the industry for over 35 years!

Thanks for reading and happy cleaning!

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