Central Vacuum Hoses

If you are using your central vacuum regularly you are no doubt enjoying the lightness that comes from having a central vacuum hose attachment rather than an entire vacuum assembly. This lighter interface means that you can vacuum in more places more ways, you risk less damage to furniture via rubbing or bumping, and you can easily switch attachments based on your vacuuming needs. However Central Vacuum hoses do have a limited lifespan and wear out with heavy usage. When replacing your central vacuum hose there are a few things you should watch out for.
central vacuum hose

1) Do check to make sure that your central vacuum attachment point will work with the replacement. While most central vacuum attachments and attachment points are universal there are brands, Electrolux for instance, that sometimes have specially shaped insertions and require particular hoses in order to function. This may end up locking you into a particular brand.

2) Make sure that your hose is compatible with your power system. Some central vacuum hoses have an automatic setting where they turn on as soon as you plug the attachment into the wall outlet. Others have an on / off switch built on the handle of your attachment. While both methods work you will want to make sure that the hose you buy is compatible with your particular system.

3) You also want to make sure that when you invest in a central vacuum hose you get one that suits your needs. There are central vacuum hoses made specifically for hardwood floors and carpets, and others for garage jobs. For thicker pile carpets you are going to want a central vacuum with a power head for deep cleaning your carpet. Dirt and dust tends to propogate in the smaller nooks of these carpets and can be harder to get out.

Always make sure that you buy your central vacuum hose from a reputable dealer who stands by their products, instead of a low quality generic seller. Also, treat your hoses right. Be careful of the ends and do not crush the plastic tubing or close doors on them as this can create leaks and damage. If you are having any trouble finding which hose you actually need, you can visit our friends at http://www.centralvacuumdirect.com for any questions relating to your built-in vac hose!

Thanks for reading and happy cleaning!

The Central Vac Guys

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