Canavac 700 LS Central Vacuum

To continue with the review process, we here at central vacuum direct chosen to write a review on the Canavac 700 LS central vacuum this week. Reviewing all of the brands enables us to a get a wide view of the options available, and help the customer fully understand the differences between different built-in vacuums. This way the homeowners can make a more informed decision on the type of unit they are going to put in their home, and whether or not that unit is actually going to last them a long time.

Overall the Canavac 700 LS seems to be a very solid machine when you look at all of the important factors. The power unit itself is made of a galvanized steel and a coating of paint that is resistant to wear, tear, & rust. This is important as many central vacuum systems will be used in a household for more than 10 years before being replaced. Here are some other important features about this vacuum:

Suction Power:

For the price, the 700 LS offers a high amount of suction power at 700 airwatts. In comparison to other vacuums in this price range it is significantly higher, if not the best in its range. The 700 airwatts actually is a mixture of two other components, the airflow (CFM) and the water lift (in.). When you really compare these apples to apples with other units the CFM and water lift is stronger and offers the customer a vacuum that beats out the competition.


The warranty on this unit is also a lot longer than any competition. On most central vacs you’re going to see a lifetime warranty on the power unit body and a 6-10 year warranty on the motor & electrical components. Canavac has surpassed this with the 700 LS model. They include a lifetime warranty on the power unit body, and a 15 year warranty on the motor & electrical components. This is important down the road when the motors will start to wear out. For instance if they motor burns out 14 years after you bought the machine, your still covered and a warranty motor is sent out at no charge.


With its outer steel casing and a lifetime warranty on the power unit body, there is not much to say about the durability other that “wow!”. Since these machines are all metal, they’re going to last a lot longer. Add on a warranty for your power unit body and you have a machine that you won’t need to worry about at all.

Overall the canavac 700 LS is a very good central vac, maybe even the best. The one thing they finally did right is to make a quality machine and give it a great warranty. In times where a lot of products are being made cheaper, it’s nice to see one that is actually high quality and built to last.

Happy Cleaning!

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