Central Vacuum Repair in Chicago

Often times your central vacuum can break, clog, or have many things go wrong with it. Trying to find a trusted central vacuum repair company in Chicago can be tough when you do not know who you are dealing with and how long they have been in business. Central Vacuum Direct recommends Mid America Vacuum Centers, who has been offering built-in vacuum repairs and installations in the chicagoland region for more than 33 years.

Trusted Central Vacuum Repair In Chicagoland:

Mid America Vacuum Centers: 1-815-459-1069
Servicing All of the Chicagoland region.
Call to set up an appointment today.

What could possibly go wrong with your central vacuum and how can the central vac guys at mid America fix it? Here are a few examples:

Your system is acting odd, turning on and off or staying on continuously:

This is most likely a Circuit board problem, but could also be a problem with the internal low voltage wiring that runs throughout your home. When this low voltage wiring is engaged, a circuit is completed and the vacuum unit is turned on. If the vacuum is staying on all the time or randomly turning on and off then it is possible that this wiring is faulty and needs to be replaced. Mid america’s repair technicians will isolate the problem in either the wiring or the printed circuit board, and then repair as necessary.

Your system has low suction:

This could be a number of probems, but is most likely due to a burnt out motor or a clog in your actual system. Figuring out which one it is can be done by isolating the closest inlet valve than using a suction gauge to measure the the CFM and inches of H20 (inches of suction) that the vacuum is providing. If it is a clog then the technicians will find it, remove it using a specialty reverse suction machine, then make sure everything else is working. If your unit needs to be replaced or if the motor is bad, they will have the adequate tools necessary to get your up and running again.

Your system needs to be replaced with a new unit:

Mid America Vacuum only carries brand names that are synonymous with quality and long lasting equipment. As a local retailer, they need to be focused on returning customers and therefore only sell central vacuums that will provide a lot of suction and will hold a great warranty. If your central vacuum needs to be replaced or repaired in chicagoland they can bring the unit to your home and install it for you, taking the hassle out of everything.

To contact Mid America Vacuum Centers for central vacuum repair in Chicago, please use the number listed above.

Thanks for reading and happy cleaning!

– Central Vacuum Direct Tech Support

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  1. Debbie Dunn says:

    Trying to replace the height adjust actuator on my Beam Q100 powerhead. It is not adjusting and I need directions on how to replace it so the foot pedal will click into place. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Can not find any video clips showing this process.

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