Which Beam Vacuum Power Head Is Right For You?

Choosing the correct beam vacuum for your home is no easy task. First you have to choose the proper unit, then the proper beam vacuum power head to properly clean your home. All beam vacuum power heads are not created equal, and choosing the correct one for your household is a necessary step when picking out your whole entire central vacuum. Failure to do so might make you unhappy with the accessory kit you choose, and therefore disgruntled with your new central vac.

The difference in the beam vacuum power heads doesn’t seem obvious at first, but as you take a deeper look you can start to see the differences which make each one effective on separate types of carpet and flooring. Here are some recommendations on choosing the right power head for your home. (you can find all original beam products here: http://www.centralvacuumdirect.com/beam-s/1032.htm)

Low-Medium Pile Carpet:
If you have low to medium pile carpet throughout your home, think about going with either the beam solaire or beam rugmaster kits. These kits have been around for quite a while, and there tried and tested design makes them a winner with most homeowners. The reason they perform so well on these types of carpets is because of their “floating power head” feature. This feature eliminates the need to adjust your power head, and automatically will float at a designated level to clean your floors. This is perfect if your home has mainly low and medium carpet heights, but when you start to move into more modern frizzae, shag, or higher pile carpets these power heads seem to get bogged down. Because they cannot adjust to the higher carpet level, the power heads tend to be to low into the carpet and effectively cuts off the suction of the central vac. If you have no suction, then you have no cleaning.

Low, Medium, & High Pile Carpets:
If you have a wide variety of carpeting in your home, including the high pile carpets mentioned before, then you should definently consider the Beam Q powerteam with the beam Q100 power head. This power head uses an adjustable height mechanism built right in. With the tap of your toe on the push button you’re able to switch the settings from low, to medium, to high. Why is this so important you ask? Exactly for the reasons mentions above. When you use a beam vacuum power head that does not have an adjustable feature, it may get bogged down in your carpet and not properly clean. So if you have even one room of higher pile carpet, then go with the beam Q.

Hardwoods, Tile, & Area Rugs:
If you home is limited to just a few area rugs and mostly hard surface flooring, again you should consider the beam Q. Since the height adjustment feature on this power head can be set to low, it works great on your tile and hardwoods. The 3 positions switch on the hose handle even allows  you to shut off the brushroll so that debris does not get thrown around. When your ready to vacuum the area rugs, simply put your power head height level at medium and your set to go.

What we learned: Overall there are several different choices in the beam vacuum power head lineup. They make all look the same, but are very much different in there functionality and ability to clean your homes surfaces. So when you choose your powerhead package, take into consideration what type of flooring you have and what package will be most effective for you.

Thanks for reading & happy cleaning!

– Central Vacuum Direct Tech Support

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