Vacuflo Turbocat

The hunt for a good air powered turbo nozzle can be frustrating. You come across a lot of different models, some better than others, but they all seem to be pretty much the same. You start to even wonder if you should get an air powered powernozzle like the vacuflo turbocat, or an electrically powered one that is meant for more carpeting. When a homeowner is considering what type of vacuflo product to purchase they should always take into consideration what kind of flooring they have in their home. Taking this into consideration really stretches the dollar farther, and makes sure that your not buying more than you need to properly clean your household. You should be aware though that you need a high power central vacuum to run your air powered power nozzle.

So what kind of flooring would be best for the vacuflo turbocat? This is easy. The turbocat powernozzle was made for homes with only a small amount of carpet, but with the majority of their floors being hardwoods, tile, or stone. The reasoning for this is simple. The turbocat is designed to clean carpet, but also save the consumer money. Electric powerhead packages are expensive and may not be needed if only a few rooms in your home are carpeted. Who would want to spend all that money to simply use it to clean one room? This is where the turbocat powerhead comes in. A whole set with the air powered head costs about $250 less than a quality electrically powered set. Yes, it does not agitate the carpet as well, but it still does an excellent job at cleaning and grooming your carpeted surfaces.  This is why a lot of homeowners choose the turbocat when they have a minimal amount of carpet in their home.

When your purchasing your vacuflo turbocat though, you should be conscious of if you are getting the real thing. Over the last 5 years there has been some knock offs that have come on the market. Although these knockoffs use the same basic turbine design that drives the vacuum brushroll, they lack the quality parts that the turbocat has. It is the high quality brushroll & turbine system that set this product apart, and make it an effective cleaning tool.

You can browse all vacuflo turbocats on our online store by clicking the link above.

Thanks for reading & happy cleaning!

– Central Vacuum Direct Tech Support

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