Beam Central Vacuum Replacement Parts

Nobody likes when an appliance breaks, especially when you have to search from here to the north pole to find the proper parts to repair it. Beam central vacuum systems are just like any appliance, and after normal wear and tear has taken its route eventually something will go wrong. Luckily it is not that hard to find beam central vacuum replacement parts online or at your local beam dealer. The company that owns beam has made it easy for its dealers, such as, to offer these parts in a way that is easy for customers to find.

So which beam central vacuum replacement parts are available? You’d be surprised. Almost every piece of your central vac, your hose, and your attachment set are readily available. Parts on your central vacuum that are most likely to break include the PC board, the switch assembly and handle on your hose, the power nozzle necks, and other miscellaneous pieces of your attachment set. These parts are the ones that undergo the most day to day use, and therefore will wear down to the normal stress put on the weak points of the appliances. Any central vacuum kit that you use multiple times a week to clean your home will undergo these stresses, so it is not uncommon to come across broken parts.

Trying to find these beam central vacuum replacement parts is not hard though. Every piece is available and is not hard to find on sites such as this one in our online store area. We have broken down each of the power nozzles, power units, and other miscellaneous parts into separate categories to help you find the proper beam vacuum parts. If you have any trouble finding any parts, feel free to contact us on our blog, or contact us toll free at 1-855-649-7996.

Thanks for reading & happy cleaning,

– Central Vacuum Direct Tech Support

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4 Responses to Beam Central Vacuum Replacement Parts

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  3. G Hawk says:

    I’ve searched the available parts here and came close but haven’t found what I need.
    I have a Beam Advocate and after 9 years of pushing and pulling and repeted connecting the power brush the electrical connection between the head and the wand has started to short causing an arc and burning the 2 prong male and female plugs. The head has the male plug end and the wand ends at the bottom with a female 2 prong rubber plug that has been distorted and burned from the described wear. The electrical cord on the wand is curled half way up and seems to be an easy fix with a replacement cord by simply pulling the entire cord and plugs out and installng the new.

    Please let me know and e-address I can send quick photos if needed.


  4. Louise C says:

    Do you know the part number for the 10′ plug and cord from wall to hose. It has 2 holes fir the plug end attaching to the vacuum. Old beam vacuum. Cost too please – in Canada north of Toronto
    Thank you

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