When You Need a Central Vacuum Replacement Hose

Often times it can be frustrating when your central vacuum power nozzle, or whole entire central vacuum isn’t working correctly. This is a problem that most homeowners who have a central vacuum come across at least once. Luckily sometimes this can be a problem that is isolated, and all you may need is a central vacuum replacement hose.  A central vacuum replacement hose is needed when certain parts on your hose are burnt out, or are short circuited. These parts are what carry the low voltage to turn your central vac on and off, and the high voltage to supply power to your power head. Depending on which part of these internal wires on your hose are damaged will determine if you need to switch out certain central vacuum hose parts, or just purchase a new one.

 When your central vacuum hose will not turn your machine on or off, this could be a somewhat easy fix. Within each central vac hose that has an on/off switch, there is a switch assembly. Sometimes after years of use, and possible abuse, these switch assemblies can become short circuited and will no longer work correctly. Luckily you can easily repair these switches at a cost that is much less than fixing the entire hose. So how do you test your hose to see if it is the switch assembly? This is easy. Locate the on/off switch on your central vacuum unit. This switch manually turns the central vac on and bypasses the low voltage wire that runs throughout your home. If you flip the manual switch on your unit and it turns on, it is most likely a problem with your hose switch. The low voltage wiring that runs throughout these hoses does not short circuit often, so its at least a 75% chance this is the correct repair.

The other option of why you may need a central vacuum replacement hose is when your powernozzle does not turn on off when you flip the switch on your hose. This could also be a hose switch, but from what we’ve seen throughout the years this is most often a short circuit within the length of the hose itself. A short circuit in the high voltage that runs throughout the hose cannot be repaired, and therefore you have to replace the hose.

Finally, if you have located your problem and you have realized you need to purchase a replacement central vacuum hose, you need to make sure that it will work with your old powernozzle. Only certain types central vacuum systems use hoses that are non-universal (such as the new beam vacuum hoses that are made for the beam q and beam solaire). Most hoses can be made to work with any central vacuum powernozzle, and the adapters that you may need are readily available.

If you have any questions about central vacuum hoses, please feel free to contact us toll free at 1-855-649-7996. CentralVacuumDirect.com carries the largest selection of central vacuum hoses online, at the best prices.

Thanks For Reading & Happy Cleaning!

– The Central Vac Guys

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