Beam Vacuum Dealers

When thinking about putting a beam vacuum in your home, it is always smart to search for beam vacuum dealers. A lot of people can claim to know how to install central vacuums, but that doesn’t mean they actually have the experience and expertise in installing them correctly. Installing a central vacuum in a home can be a tedious process, and doing it correctly will make sure the system you paid for is functioning correctly and efficiently.

Beam vacuum dealers are trained to properly install central vacuum in all types of homes and commercial applications. When you install one in your home you have to be careful of where you drill through your walls, place the pipe, and locate the unit. These factors all come into play when choosing the right person to install your central vac. A beam vacuum systems is only as good as the person recommending the correct unit for you. Too large of a unit is a waste of money, and too small of a unit will not properly clean your home.

Central Vacuum Direct is one of the top beam dealers in the united states, and has been for years. We started as a beam dealer more than 20 years ago and since then have become one of the top 10 dealers in the country. We have certified and trained central vacuum installation experts who learned through experience installing central vacs, not reading a training manual. This is key when choosing a company to help you put a whole house vacuum in your household. You wouldn’t take advice from a plumber on installing your electric, so take some advice from the experts at central vacuum direct by calling us toll free at 1-855-649-7996 or simply browse our retail store at .

Thanks for reading, and happy cleaning!

– The Central Vac Guys

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