Beam Q Neck Replacement

There’s a little do it yourselfer in everyone these days, especially as the economy is slowing down and repair jobs are starting to get more expensive. For this reason, and at the request of a customer, we have decided to do a blog post about beam vacuum systems how to replace the neck assembly on your beam q power nozzle.

First you should gather all the tools you will need to do the job, that way you won’t be scrambling for them when you have the power nozzle apart. You will needs a normal flathead screwdriver, a drill with a Phillips screwdriver head, wire cutters, and wire stippers.

Here are the steps to replace the neck on your beam q powernozzle:

Step 1: Turn the powernozzle over and remove the 6 bottom plate screws. There are two located by the wheels, two near the center, and two near the front height adjustment wheels.

Step 1: Remove bottom screws

Step 2:  Now that you’ve removed all of the screws, locate the two tabs at the back of the power nozzle that holds the top plate on. Using your flat head screwdriver, push in lightly on the tabs. You should now be able to remove the top power nozzle cover and should be looking at the internal components.

Step 2: Remove Tabs

Step 3: Remove the two smaller screws for the small pc board located on top, move this piece off to the side and make a note on where the wiring goes.

Step 3: Remove small pc board out of the way

Step 4: Remove the screw that holds the led lights for the height adjustment mechanism. This part will then pull out of the height adjustment, you can set it aside but make another note on where the wiring goes.

Step 4: Remove LED lights for height adjustment

Step 5: This is where it may get tricky, you need to remove all of the screws for the plate holding down the power nozzle neck. Since the wires for the motor are also going across the top you may need to release the motor from its base by unscrewing the screws holding it down. Once you release of the screws, and the motor with the wires going across the top, you should be able to access the power nozzle neck. Release the old neck, cutting the wires as close to the right side by the PC board as possible rewire your new neck in, splice the wires in with the old ones using smaller wire nuts. Put the wire nuts in a location that will not interfere with the height adjustment mechanism.

Step 5: Release motor and plate holding down power nozzle neck

Step 6: Follow the directions backwards to replace all of the internal parts correctly. Your new beam q power nozzle neck is now installed!

Thanks for reading & happy cleaning!
– The Central Vac Guys

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7 Responses to Beam Q Neck Replacement

  1. Dirty carpet girl says:

    Thank you for the details. After step 3 we came to the consensus that this process sucks and we should just buy a new head.

  2. Mike says:

    This was awesome! I just replaced this part today, following these directions — Went fine. I’ll admit, I was intimidated, but worked out just fine — and directions helped a bunch. Thanks guys — this saved me about $100 -$150 bucks.

  3. Jeremy Black says:

    Thank you very much for this! Just got my sweeper to work again. This is the second time the neck has broken. The first time we took it to a local repair shop because it was under warranty. Unfortunately they kept the sweeper for almost six weeks. This time, I found your guide and did it myself in less than an hour! I am still kind of bummed that a powerhead that costs $300 has a neck that keeps snapping.

  4. DC says:

    Thanks for the directions! Saved me a lot of $$…

  5. Ken Snook says:

    Thank you! Directions were great, easy to follow, as with most things just needed a little wiggling and twisting, just like a good puzzle. Saved myself a lot of money and time, being vacuumless.

  6. Annie says:

    Just got off the phone with Beam – they were useless. Told me I had to buy anew $300 powerhead. I just ordered the $10 part online and will be following these directions to fix it myself. I’d love to have everything in place to do the repair when it gets here so can you be more specific about the size of “smaller wire nuts”, since I have never had the pleasure of working with wire nuts before and, although I know what they look like, would like to have the correct size on hand if possible. Thanks!

  7. Matt says:

    You may want to consider updating these instruction as perhaps the design has changed. There are 4 motor screws with two being below the neck plate and totally inaccessible making plate removal impossible due to he lack of play in the motor power wires. This seems to leave two options: 1- remove every component, boards and all then replace; 2- cut and reconnect the motor wires which is the option I chose as I felt this would be less time consuming than gut and rebuild.

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