Electrolux Central Vacuum Hose

A central vacuum hose can usually be replaced universally, and it most often doesn’t matter which brand you choose. An Electrolux central vacuum hose is not universally going to work with the majority of power heads and may present a problem to the homeowner when they go to replace the Electrolux hose or power head.

Your central vacuum hose is what plugs into the outlet and gives you the extension to clean with your central vacuum. Unfortunately, not all hoses are created equal or manufactured in a way that will work for every homeowner. The standard universal central vac hose uses a rounded end to plug into a power nozzle, while the new style electric Electrolux central vacuum hose uses an oval shaped insert that plugs into a custom extension wand. This is unfortunate for the homeowner, because it limits them to replacing the power head to only other Electrolux brand products.

Some common problems that could go wrong with your Electrolux central vacuum hose include:

1)      The switch doesn’t turn the central vac on: This is due to either a short in the switch or a short in the wiring within the actual hose. Most often you will either have to replace the handle of the hose or replace the whole entire hose itself. You will need a professional to determine where the problem is.

2)      The hose has low suction: This is most likely due to a clog within your central vac hose or a clog within the pipe in your home. To resolve this issue you will need to contact a service professional in your area.

3)      The electric power head does not work when I flip the switch on my hose: This is due to a short in the high voltage running through your hose. You will need to either replace the hose or replace the electrical switch harness.

These are only a few of the things that can go wrong with an Electrolux central vacuum hose. Overall the new hoses are moderate in durability, but lack the ability to be used universally with all of the other options out there.

You can find all of your Electrolux central vacuum needs at centralvacuumdirect.com.

Thanks for reading & happy cleaning!

– The Central Vac Guys

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