Electrolux Central Vacuum Troubleshooting

Often times when there is something wrong with your Electrolux central vacuum system it can be relatively easy to fix, and will not require a trained central vacuum technician to come out. It all depends on where the problem is in the central vacuum system, and if the homeowner is “handy” enough to get the job done himself. There are several Electrolux central vacuum troubleshooting questions that consumers have, but here we will go over the most common problems with the Electrolux central vacuums that arise:

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Q: My Electrolux Central Vacuum will not turn off?

A: The problem is most likely located within the Electrolux central vacuum unit itself. Within the unit there is a central vacuum motor and printed circuit board (pc board). The low voltage wires which turn your central vacuum on and off are not having any effect and therefore your PC board is most likely defective.

Q: My Electrolux Central Vacuum will not turn on?

A: This could be a mixture of problems with your central vacuum system. Possible problems include a shorted out central vacuum hose, a burnt out central vacuum motor, or a burnt our Electrolux central vacuum pc board. To isolate the problem you will need to do the following steps. First you should complete the LOW VOLTAGE circuit on any of the valves. DO NOT TRY TO COMPLETE HIGH VOLTAGE CIRCUITS, YOU WILL ELECTRICUTE YOURSELF!!!! You can complete a low voltage circuit by using your central vacuum vacpan, simply kicking the switch on it will complete it and turn the central vac on. If your unit does turn on by completing the circuit then the problem is most likely with your Electrolux central vacuum hose. There is a short within the hose that is causing the problem. Unfortunately if the short is located within the length of the hose you will have to replace it.
                If the Electrolux central vacuum does not turn on when you complete the low voltage circuit, then the problem is with the PC board or motor. Usually  you will have to replace both of these, as burnt out motors or pc boards usually go hand in hand.


Q: My Electrolux Central Vacuum has a burning smell, what is it?

A: Be careful! This burning smell is most likely coming from the electrical components or central vacuum motor. If your central vacuum unit or power nozzle is creating this smell, you will have to replace the motor and circuit board, or replace the whole thing (recommended)


Q: My Electrolux Central Vacuum Power Nozzle will not turn on?

A: This is most likely a short in the Electrolux central vacuum hose or extension wand of your central vacuum system. You should check the connections where they fit together (at the end of the hose handle and the end of the extension wand where it plugs into the power nozzle). If one of these prongs is looking burnt, then you will have to replace the wires or replace the extension wand. Fortunately it is not too hard to replace the wiring in the central vacuum hose handle, but can be a lot more difficult when replacing it in the power nozzle. You should always consider having a specialist do the work. Finding the parts online though will help save you some money, you can find all Electrolux central vacuum parts on centralvacuumdirect.com.
Q: My Electrolux Central Vacuum has low suction?

A: This is probably a clog within your central vacuum pipe. You should contact a local Electrolux central vacuum repair technician to get the clog out without any damage.

These are the most common questions that arise when dealing Electrolux central vacuum troubleshooting, of course you can always ask us more questions by leaving a comment below. We will be quick to answer and central vac questions you may have regarding your system.

Thanks for reading & happy cleaning!

– The Central Vac Guys

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16 Responses to Electrolux Central Vacuum Troubleshooting

  1. karl kuehn says:

    Electrolux central vac system is inconsistent. It has great suction one minute and very little the next. Exhaust tube is clear. do I have a clog in the intake side that could come and go just like that?

  2. ona says:

    My vacuum is picking up and then dropping the dirt out. It won’t work with just the hoses, needs the powerheads.

    • If it’s picking up then dropping the dirt out this is most likely due to a clog somewhere. The suction should be carrying all of the particles away

      • ona says:

        There appears to be a clog somewhere, I’m assuming the pipes, as the powerheads and hoses on both upstairs and downstairs units seem fine. Where do I go from here? I called Electrolux in Prov. R.I. who recommended Central Service, but I can’t get a return call

  3. Hi Karl,

    The inconsistency could be because of the PC board. If there is an electrical problem then the flow of electricity may be inconsistent. This will cause the motor to increase then decrease in RPM, which would change your suction level. Though I have never heard of this problem before, this could be why it’s happening.


    Central Vacuum Direct Support Team

  4. Jennifer Anderson says:

    My electrolux central vacuuming unit says Service. I can unplug and wait 10 sec., plug back in and it works for about 5 minutes and cuts off again with same message of Service. It’s only about 2 months old. Any ideas of what could be the problem?

    • Hi Jennifer,

      The problem is most likely with the PC board. If you have the PU3650 or PU3900, these units have an electronic display thats connected to the circuit board assembly. It will display a service message if there is a clog in the system or an internal electrical problem. I would recommend contacting a local service technician unless you are in the chicagoland region, in which we can help you locally. If you have any other questions feel free to reply and I can help!

  5. Ron says:

    My problem is this: the system will not start using the hose; neither will the system start if I make up the low voltage contacts at the wall connector. The unit will start by using the on-switch at the unit, so the motor is OK. There seems to be a problem with the low voltage system. How do I check that out? Thanks.

    • Hey Ron,

      First I want you to check the low voltage at the actual unit. Bypass the wires that are attached to it now, and complete that circuit to see if the problem is located at the power unit. If the problem is with the power unit, then it is the circuit board. If the problem is elsewhere, it is going to get a bit more tricky. Rarely is there a short circuit in the low voltage wire that runs throughout the home, but we have seen it before. If you’d like you can call us at our toll free number 1-855-649-7996 and we can help you out!

      • Ron says:

        OK. I am unsure which wires at the unit need to be bypassed. There are several. it appears that all the wires coming in from the house, as well as those from the hose outlet on the unit, all come together, with wire nuts and tape; these are attached to two push-on connectors just below the on-off switch on the side of the unit. I bypassed these connectors–nothing happened; except that I noticed the green indicator light went from “on” to “blinking on.”
        By the way, my unit is Electrolux Afuera Model # CV3291M, about 6 years old.

  6. Alex says:

    My Electrolux 3650 works but the LCD display appears funny it does display electrolux on screen and in addition it displays the following to the right of it one on top of the other: RM:– OK: — CS: — ER : 10 (this number counts up till 99 ), and listed to left of it is: CUI: v 1.0.8.
    I can send you a pic of this display if needed.
    My question is what is the dis[lay and shold I be concerned also the LCD buttons do not respond.

  7. rich says:

    I noticed my central vacuum is not working ,i mean the unit in the garage,but the brush section is working.What you think might be the problem,or what should i check?

  8. harinder says:

    hello I am installing central vacuum why there is four low voltages wires are

  9. Mike says:

    My Electrolux pu3900 has an LCD Display, which includes a “life meter” that reflects the need for service every 65 hours of use. What service is needed and how can the life meter be reset?

  10. Kevin says:

    My Electrolux power head will only start if I turn it to “I” but the suction will only come on if I turn it to “II”.

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