Electrolux Central Vacuum Repair

Electrolux central vacuum systems are relatively new to the central vacuum market, but that doesn’t mean the parts aren’t readily available and they cannot be repaired. Electrolux central vacuum repair is actually something the average homeowner might be able to do, as long as the problem is not extensive and is located on the central vacuum unit. If the problem with your Electrolux central vacuum system is not the unit at all and the problem is the interior piping or valves, then we would recommend you contact a local central vacuum repair specialist.

First off, if you have any Electrolux central vacuum repair questions, you can email us at techsupport @ centralvacuumdirect.com.  We are always here to help, and will reply to your inquiries within a reasonable amount of time. If you are looking for any Electrolux central vacuum parts you can also find them on centralvacuumdirect.com.

Now for the nitty gritty detail on repairing an Electrolux central vacuum.

The first thing you will have to do is localize the actual problem with the central vac. Here are a few common problems that can occur:

1)      The central vacuum is not turning on: This is the most serious problem you can have with your unit, and is also the most costly Electrolux central vacuum repair. If the central vac unit is not turning on the first thing you should do is try the manual switch on the unit itself. Each unit has a switch located on the upper left hand corner, or on the front. This switch will manually turn the central vacuum unit on and off. If this does not turn on your Electrolux central vacuum, then the unit has one of two problems. The first problem could be the circuit board within the unit. This circuit board is the “brains” of the central vacuum, and controls the electrical functions. The other possible problem could be a dead central vacuum motor. If this is the case, you will need to replace it. Often times when a central vacuum motor burns up, so does the pc board. Do not be surprised if you need to replace both central vacuum parts.

2)      The central vacuum will not turn off: This is most likely a problem with the central vacuum circuit board. As stated before, the central vacuum PC (printed circuit) board controls the electronics of the machine. If it is not turning off then there is probably a problem with this piece. Luckily they are not too hard to replace, and all of the parts can be purchased on centralvacuumdirect.com.

3)      The central vacuum is turning on and off at will: Once again this is most likely a problem with either the PC board or a problem with your central vacuum hose. The central vacuum hose has low voltage wiring running through the hose itself. When you turn the switch it completes the circuit and turns your Electrolux central vacuum on and off. If for some reason it is turning on and off at will, it could be a short in the central vacuum hose wiring. If your unit does not turn on and off after you turn the unit on through the switch on the central vacuum unit, then it is most likely the hose which is the problem.

4)      There is no suction in my hose: This is most likely due to a clog in your central vacuum pipe, and is not an Electrolux central vacuum repair. You will have to contact a local central vacuum technician who will come out to your home and clear out the clog in your central vacuum system.

5)      The switch on my hose is not turning my Electrolux central vacuum on and off: This is most likely a shorted out Electrolux central vacuum hose switch, or a shorted out central vacuum hose. If you have the proper tester, you can check to see if the short is located in either the central vacuum hose or the switch. If the short is located in the switch you can easily replace it. If the short is located in the central vacuum hose you will have to replace the whole thing.

These are the most common forms of Electrolux central vacuum repair that homeowners come across, but there can also be many other problems that can come up. Usually when you’re dealing with a central vacuum systems repair you need to replace either the PC board, motor, or hose. The other parts such as the wiring throughout the home are not easily damaged and do not usually require replacement.

If you have any specific questions regarding Electrolux central vacuum repair, feel free to email us at techsupport @ central vacuum direct.com

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  3. Joyce says:

    I need to get my central vac. running. I can turn it on but the rollers don’t move. Also the carpet cleaning switch, doesn’t work

  4. gayanne says:

    I need to call someone in des moines area to fix my central vacuum system please advise

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