Nutone Central Vacuum Systems

When people research  central vacuum systems for their home, they often come across one of the most tried and trusted brands in the industry. Nutone central vacuum systems are just this; they have been around for years and offer a unit with great suction and durability. The new nutone vx central vacuum systems are offered both as a cyclonic bagless unit, and as the standard filtered central vacuum. With the cyclonic bagless central vacuum systems, the dust and dirt is spun in a cyclone with the larger pieces being pulled down by gravity into the dust chamber. The other smaller particles are exhausted through the central vacuum pipe that leads outside. This is in comparison to a filtered nutone central vac which captures all the dust particles in the dust chamber, and has no need to be filtered outside.

The filtered nutone central vacuum uses a HEPA certified, Teflon infused filter. These filters trap the dust particles as the air is sucked through them. When the central vac is turned off, the filter returns back to its location, snapping some of the extra dust particles off of it. One of the nicer aspects of the new nutone central vacs is that you no longer have to open the dust chamber to see if it’s full. The easily visible bag monitoring system on the front actually tells you how full the bag is. This way when its finally full of dust, you simply just have to unsnap the hinges and haul it to the nearest trash can.

Nutone VX Series Central Vacuum

Here are your options for all the nutone central vacuum systems:

The Nutone VX475 Central Vacuum: This model power unit is designed for up to 3,000 sq. ft. It has the same design overall as the other nutone central vacs, but just isn’t nearly as powerful. The air flow is only 114 CFM (not so good) and the water lift is a measly 90’’. The most important factor, air watts, comes in only at 475. When you compare this to other models such as the canavac 250L, it makes it look like a rip off. The canavac 250L has 114’’ of water lift and over 600 air watts. If you have a small condo under 3,000 sq. ft. this central vacuum would be ok, but I would not personally recommend it for a homeowner with the a 2000 sq. ft. + home.

The Nutone VX550 Central Vacuum: the nutone VX550 is rated up to 6,000 sq. ft. This central vacuum is available in either a filtered unit, or the bagless cyclonic unit. It has a rating of 550 airwatts, 130’’ water lift, and 135 CFM (airflow rating). This central vacuum unit is a lot better than its downsized model, the nutone vx475, but still does not seem up to par when it comes to cleaning ability and airwatts. Similar central vacuum systems in this cost range usually have between 600-700 airwatts. That doesn’t mean that this central vacuum does not have any pros. The nutone vx550 does come with the standard nutone bag monitor, and included central vacuum muffler system. This makes for a quiet and convenient cleaning system.

The Nutone VX1000 Central Vacuum: This is one of the only nutone central vacuum systems we would recommend in terms of power and durability, and is the best selling nutone unit on central vacuum direct. This system is rated up to 12,000 sq. ft. and has ratings that are off the chart. It has a rating of 1040 airwatts, 130’’ of waterlift, and 230 CFM (cubic feet per minute) of airflow. This is an extremely powerful central vacuum. The unit is available either as a bagless cyclonic or the as a filtered unit. This gives the homeowner more options in where they want to mount and use the machine.

Overall nutone central vacuum systems are mid grade in their quality and performance, except for the nutone vx1000. That particular unit is extremely powerful and sleek. As popular culture may put it “it can run with the bulls” and it is the 800 lb gorilla when it comes to high suction units. As always, look at the central vacuum systems ratings when your shopping for your unit. You want to make sure your getting the most suction and cleaning ability for your money. The central vacuum systems cost can vary widely throughout the home sizes. So if you want to be a savvy homeowner, get the most bang for your buck.

If you have any questions about nutone central vacs, contact us on our blog by comment, we’ll be quick to respond!

Thanks for reading & happy cleaning!

–          The Central Vac Guys

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  1. Peggy says:

    Where are you located? Do you do home installations in the St. Cloud area? We bought a house in foreclosure and the Central Vacuum Unit and hoses, etc. were stolen. The house is fully piped for the central vacuum system. I think it is a NuTone unit, not positive.

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