Vacuflo Parts

Vacuflo central vacuum systems have been manufactured a lot longer than most central vacs, and have become one of the most dominant brands in the industry. There is a large inventory of vacuflo parts available nationwide at local vac shops, and also online at central vacuum superstores such as

Vacuflo Central Vacuum Systems

 Vacuflo central vacuums use cyclonic technology, rather than the preferred filtered system that is recommended for most homeowners. With the cyclonic technology, dust is spun around in the dust chamber while the heavier particles fall to the bottom. The remainder of the material exits through the exhaust valve. The reason these types of systems are not preferred to the filtered units is because the amount of dust that escapes through the exhaust. Approximately 3-5% of the dust taken in exits through this exhaust, and for this reason it must be vented to the outside. Also for this reason you tend to see more motor failure with these types of machines.

You can replace most vacuflo parts with ease. The systems are relatively easy to access and work on if you have some technical skills. Here are some common vacuflo parts that tend to break:

Vacuflo Turbocat parts – The vacuflo turbocat is the air driven power head manufactured by vacuflo. These power heads, like the vacuums, are relatively simple and do not need a lot of maintenance. Some vacuflo turbocat parts that you will need to replace though include the belt, brushroll, and possibly the turbocat neck assembly if it becomes damaged or jammed. To repair these turbocat you simply remove the bottom metal cover, and access the interior. Once you remove the bottom cover of the turbocat you should be able to easily change out the belt or brushroll. Changing out the neck assembly will require you to take the turbocat completely apart.

Vacuflo Central Vacuum Parts – The vacuflo parts for the power unit are also available and moderately easy to repair. Central vacuum parts that can break include the motor, power relay, and other power unit parts such as the dustbin container. All of these parts can be accessed in the interior of the central vacuum. Make sure you always unplug the vacuflo unit before trying to replace any part.

Vacuflo Filters – Other vacuflo parts such as the filters are also available, the 10 inch insert protects the motor from dust and debris and also help filter out any dirt particles that may exit the exhaust. You should replace these filters at least once a year to maintain your unit to optimum efficiency.

You can find all genuine vacuflo parts at direct prices at

Thanks for reading, and happy cleaning!

– The Central Vac Guys

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