Electrolux Central Vacuum Parts

Trying to find the correct parts for your electrolux central vacuum system can sometimes be a hassle if you’re not looking in the correct spot. Electrolux central vacuum systems are manufactured by beam Electrolux, which is formerly beam corporation. For this reason you will find that a lot of the Electrolux central vacuum parts will be either parts manufactured by beam, or another sub-manufacturer. Most of the parts that are used a in a beam central vacuum can also be used in your electrolux central vacuum.

Electrolux central vacuums have the same general build as other central vacuum systems, and therefore the same types of parts tend to have problems due to wear and tear over time. Some of the Electrolux central vacuum parts that may be replaced over time include the motor, PC board, relay, and other various components that are used for the attachment set.

Electrolux Swivel Neck for Powerhead

The motor for your central vacuum is housed in the central vacuum unit itself. It us usually located at the top of the machine, and can be accessed via removing the top plastic cover. This is not true for some Electrolux central vac models. If you have a motor go bad, it is better to go ahead and replace it rather than purchase a new unit. For a quality new Electrolux central vacuum you could pay anywhere between $600-$900, and replacing a motor would cost you only around $300 (including labor). If your central vac is still under warranty you could possibly get the part for free, and if you have some technical know how you can install the motor yourself. This will save you a bundle of money.

The only other main electrical component on the Electrolux central vacuums manufactured by beam is the PC board / Relay. This printed circuit board combo is the computer of the central vacuum unit. It is one of the most important central vacuum parts, as it regulates the power going to the motor and will shut off the unit if it overheats or trips a circuit breaker. If this piece of the central vacuum unit short circuits, it is extremely easy to replace and can be accessed via the top of the machine.

Other Electrolux central vacuum parts that you may need to replace are the parts for the power head, hose, and all the extension wands in between. Some parts that often break with these power heads is the swivel neck. This can be due to wear and tear while using it throughout the home, or a short in the wires that run through it. Luckily this can be repaired and the parts can be found on centralvacuumdirect.com. The Electrolux hose is also a part that tends to wear down throughout the years of use. These central vacuum hoses can short out in the handle, within the hose itself, or at the base of the hose end. All the parts in the handle and hose end can usually be replaced, but a short in the actual hose itself can not be repaired. If there is a short in your electrolux central vacuum hose, you will have to replace the whole thing.

If you are looking for any Electrolux central vacuum parts, you can find them all at direct prices via centralvacuumdirect.com.

Thanks for reading, and happy cleaning!

–          The Central Vac Guys

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