Central Vacuum System Parts

When you’re starting to think about replacing your old central vacuum unit because it doesn’t work, perhaps you should consider replacing the central vacuum system parts that have gone bad. Central vacuums tend to be pretty simple when it comes to parts. The only moving part on the power unit is the central vacuum motor. The rest of the components are strictly electrical. For this reason it is often cheaper to replace the components of a central vac rather than replace the whole thing. However, if the unit is extremely old it is recommended to change it out. The price on a new unit will include a new warranty, this will cover all the near future costs that would incur on a unit that does not have a warranty at all.

Example of a Central Vacuum PC Board

Some central vacuum parts break more than others, but when a unit does not turn on it is usually either the PC board or the central vacuum motor. The PC board is the printed circuit board which is located in the unit housing. It usually contains the power unit relay, which is hooked up to the high voltage, and then it is connected to the motor. A short circuit in the central vacuum PC board will lead to a disruption in the power, and will shut off the suction of the whole entire system.

If the central vacuum motor is the part which is bad, then it is going to be much more expensive. Central vacuum motors can account for up to half the cost of most central vacuum systems. This is because they are commercial quality and provide all the suction for the unit. We do not recommend testing the motor yourself. You should hire a handyman or bring your central vacuum to a vac shop to get it tested to see if the motor is the problem. If all goes bad and the central vac motor is the cause, you can replace it pretty easily by opening up the central vacuum unit.

Other parts of the central vacuum that may go bad include the central vacuum hose, central vacuum power head, and all the individual parts that go along with these accessory kits. The central vacuum hose and power head take the most wear and tear of all the parts in a central vacuum system. They are used weekly, if not daily, and are commonly bumped around and smashed up against furniture and walls. An example of where a part may break is in the power head. Although beam central vacuum systems are one of the top quality brands available, even their systems can break due to wear and tear. We have seem plenty of beam central vacuum parts that need to be replaced as the beam hose and power head undergo the weekly abuse of vacuuming. This is very common among all brands, but is more common in the cheaper brands such as eureka and royal. If you’re looking for a quality central vacuum, always go with products made by beam central vacuum or Electrolux central vacuum. These have stood the test of time and offer the best quality for your hard earned money.

Central Vacuum Replacement Handles

The largest selection of central vacuum system parts can be found online at centralvacuumdirect.com. They carry all their products at the best direct prices you can get.

Thanks for reading, and happy cleaning!

–          The Central Vac Guys

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